Hello blogg-ees! Not much has been going on in my world…just keeping super busy with work and gym classes.

Last Thursday I decided to venture out to a Whole Foods that is down the street from my job (I’ve actually got one down every street around my job, unfortunately, I chose the one with the least options). This was the smallest Whoel Foods I’d ever been in. They had a tiny salad bar and barely no hot foods. I ended up making a small salad (because they only had small containers) and I got a couple things from the hot bar.

Sad 😦

 Needless to say, I won’t be going back to that location. After work I headed downtown to teach my resistance training class. I was lucky to have a repeat attendee 🙂 We had a good sweaty workout. I ended up getting home about 8:15, was so tired, I got showered and got right into bed. Just what I needed.

Friday, I left work an hour early to get to my class in Arlington, but surprise, surprise…traffic sucked and I ended up having to get a sub. I was mentally exhausted by that point and really had no business teaching my class. I hate that though. I do not like having to get a sub. So, I took out my exhaustion frustrations by meeting Colleen for a beer. Yay! But that was after I went home and did a measley 30 minues on the elliptical.

Saturday, blah, blah, blah…not much happened. But me and Colleen did go out to dinner at Blackfinn American Saloon. I got the Mediteranean platter.


It had hummus, sundried tomato and feta hummus, olives and artichoke hearts, served with flatbread.



I also had a couple beers for my beer-hole. Let’s just say I was having somewhat of a stressful weekend.

To the rescue...

Me and Colleen! We look like mims. hehe

We were supposed to meet up with our friends Christy and Anthony later, but by 10pm, we were so tired, we both went home to relax.

I did manage to fit in some cardio time. Not much, but atleast something.

Sunday was a rest day. I knew I wold need it becasue I wasn’t getting another one until the next Sunday. Lotsa teaching and working out going n this week! I decided to lay out and relax a lil. Shadooby joined me.

Hes a lil pale.

I also decided I’d use this new super powerful tanning lotion I got for the tanning salon. They told me it can be used indoors as well as outdoors, but be sure and use SPF outdoors. I’m such a rebel…SPF, that’s for weenies. Here is the result…


I wasn’t even out there that long and it really wasn’t very hot, but man, they were right. USE SPF! Luckily it wasn’t that bad the next day.

I wanted to be adventurous for eats, so I tried making somethign new. Easy, but new. Baked turkey and veggie roll-ups. Basically it’sjust store bought sandwich meat with veggies rolled up inside and baked in the oven. I added a lil mozza to mine too.

Rolled and ready to bake.

There were carrots, green beans, onion, jalapeno, mushroooms and green onion inside. I had a lot of extra veggies left over so I just threw them on top with some broccoli. Baked at 350 degrees for bout 25 mintes.

Turkey rolls.

I had 2 of those with some frozen pinto beans (that had been in my freezer for God knows how long) that I heated up.

Love me some beans!

Turkey veggie rolls and beans!

Monday after work I headed to Trophy Fitness to teach my Body Pump class. I love my loyal Pumpers there! When I got home, I banged out a sweaty 30 minute elliptical sesh. 30 minutes on 20 resistance. I had leftover turkey rolls for din din with some cheesy polenta…and fresh sliced jalapenos, of course. My new obsession (becasue my insides obvi have a death wish).

Love the penos!

Tuesday is my off day from the gym, so after work I headed home. I was desperately trying to get home to avoid this…

Not my pic, but thats what was headed our way!

No luck, It ended up pouring down when I was about halfway home. ALways makes for a fun drive…NOT!  I’m all about some rain and thunderstorms as long as I’m home! Driving in it is not fun! When I finally got home, I got some chicken marinating in lemon pepper marinade. I then headed up stairs and had a seriously sweaty hour elliptical meeting.


I love sweating my balls off! Feels so good. I showered and got the dishwasher running and then grilled up my chicken. I also grilled a fe onion slices and made some asparagus in the microwave.


Here’s what the rest of my week looks like…

Today (Wednesday) – 45 minutes of Yoga during lunch

Teaching Pump at Trophy Fitness

Thursday (my Friday this week, hollah!) – Teaching Resistance Training at Trophy Fitness

Friday – Teaching Pump at LOA

Saturday – Teaching Pump at LOA

Sunday – Rest AND EASTER!

Hope yall have a great rest of the week! Have a safe and BLESSED Easter!

Gobble Gobble


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