Ha! I’m back for 2 days in a row! Shocking, right??? Not really much exciting stuff going on, just BUSY as heck! Trying to squeeze everything in with every free minute I get. I just don’t know how peeps with kiddos do it! I guess you just make it work.

Monday after work, I headed to Addison to teach my 5:30 Pump class. It was a small group, but that’s ok. We got our workout in and that’s what matters! All day, I was literally fighting to keep my eyeballs open, but I knew as soon as I taught class,I’d be wide awake. Yep, I was right. Frustrating, becasue all I wanted to do was go to bed.

I didn’t do anything fancy for eats. Just an egg white scramble.

Egg whites...yummm.

I’m considering buying this massive container of egg whites from Egg Whites International.

That's alot of egg whites!

It would definately be worth the money.

Guess what I had for breakfast the next morning at work…you’ll never guess.

So predictable

Yep…egg white scramble. With a lil cheese and salsa. Yum! No lunch pics, sorry! It was a naughty salad. I need to be less naughty and more focused. I guess with this new schedule, I’m just going with what is close. Must work on this! I did snack on this lil gem..


It’s the sweet wasabi mix from AustiNuts.  My building has different vendorst that com in and set up booths to sell their products and AustinNuts was here one day last week. I couldn’t pass up the wasabi mix! Pretty tasty!

As I’ve mentioned before, Tuesday is my only day that I don’t teach after work, so I usually try and cook something decent when I get home. You guessed it…grilled chicken. But I also grilled some romaine and made a grilled chicken and grilled romaine salad.

LOVE grilled romaine.

Of course, this was all eaten after my super sweaty elliptical session. 1 hour on the sports training program at level 20. I heart sweating!

Wednesday! Humpday! Halfway through the week! YAY! No lunch pic. Very naughty.  After work I taught my class at Trophy Fitness in Addison and then headed home. Once there, I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes while my chicken was defrosting. There was nothing in my house to eat tht wasn’t frozen, well, there was tuna, and I should have just eaten that. But instead, I grilled some chicken nd had it alongside edemame and a scrambled egg. You know I’m weird, shut it.

Odd combo.

It was a strange combination, but it was all good.

Tonights my 2nd week of teaching resistance training at Trophy Downtown. YAY! I also just signed up to start taking a weekly yoga class here in our office building. I’m super excited! I’ve desperately been needing yoga back in my life!



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