Hi…remember me. The girl who is supposed to be blogging on a regular basis again. Sorry! My schedule is totally whack! Busy, busy! Plus, I kept forgetting to bring my cord connecter thingy so I could upload my pics to the puter. No worries, I’m here, and with a long post.

Starting where I left off last week. Thursday was my first night to teach my new resistance class at Trophy Fitness Downtown Dallas.  I wasn’t nervous at all, I don’t get nervous really. Weird. And I was totally just gonna play it by ear. I wrote very few notes, but decided on the playlist, etc. before going.

Class notes...I'm messy.

I only ended up having one person, but I was totally cool with that, being that it was my first class. I thought it went great! We got a really good workout! Here basically how it went…

Upper body first…

Warmup, Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, Biceps

Abs, then lower body.

Lunges, Squats with medicine ball…KILLER!

Abs and cooldown.

I’m really going to enjoy not only teaching this class, but getting a bit of a different workout. It’s fun just being able to make up my own workout and teach it.

For lunch, I had a big naughty salad…


When I finally got home after teaching, I had a surprise waiting for me. My “congrats you got your first paycheck from your new job” present I bought myself.


I’m sure you can guess what it is…I tend to go with what I love.


It’s my good friend Kate! You’ve seen her on here a few times before!

How many Kate Spade bags can one girl own....

Super cute. The picture doesn’t do it justice. And the fact that it retails for $335, and I got it for $119, well, that just makes it even more attractive!

Dinner, to be honest with you, I can’t even remember what it was. Sorry!

Friday! Happy Friday! Friday morning we got a mass email that there were breakfast burritos on the 4th floor, so me and my coworker headed down to see what the fuss was about. They musta been good, cuz they were gone by the time we got there. Bummer, oh well, we did score some yummy gaucamole and mango habenero salsa.


Lunch was even more naughty than Thursday. I had a funky taco salad from the building cafe and I added some grilled chicken I brouht from home. I’m a bad girl.

Bad Heather!

After work, I headed to Arlington to teach my 3rd Pump class for the week at LOA. Always a great group of Pumpers!

I was super stoked when I got home after class and found yet another package. It wasn’t really a surprise, I knew it was coming because  ordered it, but I was so excited it had arrived! You’re gonna think I’m crazy when you see…


Yes! My Giant Sunflower seeds assorted flavor pack! Have I mentioned that I am a total sunflower seed addict lately? I need to go to SSA, sunflower seeds anonymous. In my new found addiction, I was on the hunt to find some tasty new flavors, so I turned to my source for everything…google. Giant Seeds was one of the first websites I saw and they had tasty flavors to choose from at a decent price. I went with the “choose your own flavors” variety pack.


I ended up getting 2 of the dill pickle, 2 salt and pepper, 2 spicy garlic, 1 BBQ, 1 ranch, 1 zesty italian and 1 of the salted MEGA seeds.

Call me crazy.

The first flavor I went for was the spicy garlic. I’ve never had this flavor and you know how I love my garlic!


IT was heaven, in seed form. Since then, I have also tried the dill pickle flavor. YUM! Can’t go wrong with a pickled flavor anything in my opinion! For eats, I grilled some chicken breast (surprise, surprise) and had a side of steamed green beans.

A very LARGE side of green beans.

 Oh, and also some Sabra Greek Olive Hummus. Yum!


I was up late, of course, it was FRIDAY! But was super excited for Saturdays activities. Monkey TIME! I was tagging along while my wonderful friends, Staci and Shayne’s, sone got his Easter pics taken in the bluebonnets. YAY! Long story short, traffic blows, I was a lil late, missed the bluebonnet pics, but was there for the pond pics.

Remember this cutie???

That is my MONKEY! He is getting so big!

Look at him go!

He really liked the ducks.

Duck, duck....MONKEY!

 We had a good time, and I always enjoy seeing Owen, Staci and Shayne’s mom. Shayne wasn’t there…booo.

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful. I did lay out in the backyard for about an hour, then I grilled some chicken fajita meat and made my fabulous beans!

Chicken and beans....can't go wrong.

Another late night Saturday, and a super awesome sleep in session Sunday morning. I had a Pump practice at 3:30, so when I finally rolled outa bed, I headed to run some errands beforehand. Later when I got home, I grilled some more fajia meat…beef this time. I made romaine wrapped beef “fajitas”.

Very mucho yummo.

I’ma go ahead and end this post on Sunday. I’ll catch you up on the rest of this week on my next post. After all, I really should be working.

Oh, and BTW, I added some more pictures to the “PICS” page.


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