Hello all! Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been super busy! After I taught Pump last Friday night, I drove directly to G-Town (Groesbeck), to have a fun filled weekend with all my favorite peeps! We had a blast. No pics, but we had a really great weekend hanging out. By the time I got home on Sunday, I was BEAT! Dead tired. I did manage to test something new out though. Sweet and spicy grilled carrots. I rubbed them with honey , paprika and chili powder and threw them on the grill. They turned out ok.

With fresh sauteed green beans

I have no idea where that idea came from…maybe I was delirious from the lack of sleep. Anywho…I was off to work on Monday morning. Begining of another long work week. I am slowly making some progress at my new job, but there are many roadblocks that I’m having to work through. We will see…it is so crazy. For lunch, I ended up going to the cafe in our building and getting a salad from the salad bar. I was so tired on Sunday, I completely forgot to pack my lunch…then I completely forgot to take a pic of my salad. Oops!

After work, I headed over to Trophy Fitness in Addison to teach my 5:30pm Pump class. I was stoked to see double the amount of people there from last Monday! YAY!  This makes me smile 🙂

Not only am I so excited and grateful to be teaching Pump there twice a week, but another GIANT plus is that by the time class is over, traffic is gone! I fly home. Love that!

Not really my highway, but that's about what it looks lke!

I always wanna get some cardio in when I get home (maybe I’m a lunatic, IDK), so I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes. Resistance at 20. Of course, by the time I’m done, I’m too tired to think about eating, but I go ahead and throw this together.

Egg white scramble

SO YUM! I forget how much I love eggwhites! So low in calories and fat, but super high in protein! I chopped up my left over pork chop and scraped the kernels from my grilled corn I made last week and tossed them in. It was sooo good, and super duper easy! I added in some fresh jalapenos too. Love jalapenos! I will def be stocking up on my eggwhites again.

Tuesday I decided that I would run some errands on my lunch break, so I headed to the bank, then the grocery store to pick up a few things so I wouldn’t have to stop after work. Being that Tuesday is my only day I get to go home right after work, I wanted every minute once I got there to get things done. While I was at the store, I picked up a cobb salad from the deli for lunch.

With a diet rootbeer.

It came with bleu cheese dressing, so I used it. I know, I know…shame, shame. Oh well. About an hour after lunch, me and my coworker decided to get some fresh air so we headed downstairs to the pond outside our building. We walked 3 times around, which I wuld say was about .75 miles.

Was taken from my office window. Sorry for the glare.

Was nice to get out of the office for a few minutes. After work, headed home..traffic sucked. I wanted to punch it square in the balls! I’m better off teaching classed after work and dodging traffic.

When I FINALLY got home, I put some chicken in a ziploc baggy to marinate in buffalo sauce and hot sauce. I was making grilled buffalo chicken breast.


I used these two sauces…nothing fancy.

I let that sit and marinate, while I headed up for my strictly cardio session. 50 minutes on the elliptical, hills program, resistance 20. After sweating my balls off, I took a quick shower and got to grillin. While the chicken was on the grill outside, I had some asparagus, onion and garlic sauteeing, with non-fat cooking spray, inside.

sizzle, sizzle

I have mad multi-tasking skillzzz. Once the asparagus and onion were a lil ender, I added in some carrot strips and sliced mushrooms.

Very Veggie

It was the perfect side for my grilled chicken.


Then I remembered I had a lil container of bleu cheese in my fridge leftover from something, so I grabbed it. What goes better with buffalo sauce than bleu cheese, right?


I’m so bad…I know. Double the bleu cheese in one day. Oh well, guess I’ll be working extra hard at Pump tonight!



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