That is definately what I’m going to be from here out. Things are changing everyday! In a good way. So, going back to yesterday, I left off a couple of other things I have been working on. I passed my AFAA Group Fitness Instructor exam and I am also studying to take my AFAA Personal Trainer Certification exam!

That's a BIG book!

It’s actually a interactive web-based certification program. Pretty cool!

It is ALOT of information! I also was asked yesterday if I would like to start teachig a new class at Trophy Fitness Uptown location on Thursday evenings. How could I resist! I’m so excited to branch out. I LOVE my Body Pump, but this will be a great experience. It’s a freestyle resistance training class, so I will get to choreograph all of the workout! How exciting! So tha tmakes my schedule-working 8-5 Monday thru Friday, teaching gym classes Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and the occasional Saturday. I haven’t been this busy in AGES!

Onto the food! I’m quickly learning that my creative cooking is going to have to be limited to Tuesdays or the weekends. It is way too late when I get home on the other nights to be in the kitchen cooking. So, last night I decided to make veggie stuffed chicken breasts. Luckily, I just happened to have all the ingrediants on hand.

First, I chopped my veggies. I had fresh green beans, a red bell pepper (that was on it’s last leg), green bell  pepper (also close to death), red onion, a jalapeno and some garlic.


THen, I carefully butterflied my chicken breasts and pounded them out to make them thin so that would give me more room to work with. Then I got to stuffing! I put a little of each veggie and garlic into each chicken breast, seasoned with S&P and rolled them up.

Ready for the skillet!

I pan seared them with just a tiny bit of EVOO and some cooking spray until they were cooked thru. Super easy!!! I also made some cheesy polenta on the side (my new obsession) topped with the remaining veggies that I sauteed.

Totally YUM!

And from an up close angle…

I HEART perdy food.

That about sums up my night, aside from making sure I had everything in order for today. Work clothes, gym clothes, etc. I am having to take gym clothes everyday, just in case I get a call to sub. I love it!I’m teaching tonight at Trophy Fitness in Addison. I’m going to take a few pcs of the gym, it’s really cool and modern. I’ve got to work hard and get Body Pump really going there. We need some major marketing and promoting. It is to great of a class not to have it full every time! I’m also thinking I’m going to write a post that kinda goes back and shows some of the things I cooked during my 3 month unemployment hoorah. We will see. I’ll catch you on the flip floppy! Have a great HUMPDAY!


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