It’s Greek To Me

Well, well, well…look who finally decided to show her face in the bloggy world again. I know, you are probably thinking, how can she even have the balls to show back up after so long…well, I’m back, so deal with it people!

I really haven’t been doing much, hell, it’s been so freakin long, I don’t even remember what all I’ve done. lol. So, we will just start from here. As far as food goes, I’ve been grilling…ALOT! Alot of fish and veggies on the grill. Yum! I’ve been working out good. Lots of cardio on the elliptical and then teaching Body Pump. The weather is cooling off now (which I love. Fall is my FAVE season), but that also menas my dungeonsaunnaflaminghotterthanhell elliptical room is not hot anymore. BOOOO. I loved working out when it was 100 degrees in there. Yes, I’m being serious. I love sweating when I’m working out. So, guess I’ll just have to do what my good friend Roscoe Reese says and “work harder”.

Ok, so now on the the real deal. Me and the hubs went to the Dallas Greek Food Festival this weekend!

Baklava Sundaes...yes please!

Being that the hubs is half Greek, we are pretty well versed on our Greek cuisine, so we knew what we wanted without asking questions. Mainly it was just tons of food, drinky’s and some shopping. There was entertainment too, but they were on break whilke we were there.Also, cooking demos, but I missed those too. Booo! I did manage to score some cute jewelry though.

Cute ring...old ugly hands...

We ate a little while we were there, but ended up taking a million to-go boxes home as well. lol.

Lots o' food!

Hubs had the typical gyro…

He hearts gyro's!

We had a free ticket for the sampler plate too.

Everything Greek!

I also tried Greek beer…not too shabby.


We ended up taking home tons of baklava, spanikopita and pastitso. YUM! There is another Greek fest in a couple weeks and then the Fort Worth Greek Fest is in November. Can’t wait!

Yesterday I was headed to my fave grocery store, Sprouts, when this lil booger caught my eye..


WOW! How could I have never seen this place before…or maybe God was secretly trying to block it from my vision. Who knows, either way, I obliged.

You wouldn’t think for $1 you’d have alot to choose from, but let me tell you what..this place is amazing! Tons and tons of super cute jewelry, purses and all sorts of other stuff. 99% of the jewelry is $1! Purses are more, but not bad. I ended up getting 20 things! I could have went super nutso, but I refrained. Here is a sample of my loot.


I’ll def be going back to this establishment!

Last night was spent grilling swordfish and veggies and watching, well half assed watching, all my fave Sunday shows. I will have to rewatch for the most part., I was doing 10 things at once so I wasn’t really paying close enough attention.


Did I mention I got a new grill??? Yep, all new front teefy’s. See above pic! These are the temps, I will be getting the permanents in a few weeks! I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to be able to smile again! I hated my teeth before. I feel like a new person! I guess alot has happened since I left you last…


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  1. Learning to be Less
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 01:13:25

    Really? Over a month since your last post? We cannot have this craziness. Looks like TONS o’ fun. I want greek food but ended up at the state fair with fried everything. I miss class! Hope to be back to it soon.


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