MIA Recap In Picture Form

Where have I been you ask????? Well, it’s been way too long to try and put it all out in a nice lil story, so I’m just gonna do a quick recap in PICTURES! Yay! Basically I’ve been sweating my badonky donk off teachin pump and doin cardio in my dungeon at home. I call it the dungeon becasue this is what the thermostat looks like on a cool day….

Yep, you see that right...

It says 108 degrees and that’s actually lower than what it has been saying lately. Call me crazy, but I really enjoy getting up there and sweating my rear off.

I’ve also had a lot of fun in the past few weeks, including a all girls camping trip to the Guadalupe River!

We can pitch a tent!

Six girls camping, no electricity, no water no bathrooms. We survived and ad the greatest time ever! Well, until I almost amputated my leg! We floated the river for 6 hours, then when we were exiting at the end, I hopped off my tube and hit my leg on a rock under water!

That's the side of my shin.

It swole up instantly to the size of a baseball! But I toughed it out. That was 10 days ago and I finally went to the Dr. yesterday because everyone was telling me too. Just a bone bruise. There was some pain, and lotsa bruising but basically it’s just UGLY!


We also went to the Ranger/Yankee game.

Me and Wendy

Had a going away dinner for Bernie, who leaves for Germany tamale! Booooo! We are sad.

Colleen, me and Margarita...where's Bernie?!?!?

And had another going away swim party for her on SUnday.


THis past Saturday we went and hung out a bit at our friends new bar, Trinity Tavern.

Trinity Tavern

It was the first weekend for them to be open. WE had a good time. I see many good times happening there in my future. lol.

Now….on to food, shall we???? There was a Julie and Julia inspired dish. Like this ciabatta bread thingy I made.

Pan seared baguette


Lotsa grilled veggies and such…

Grilled veggies and salmon burger

I am loving salmon burgers tihs summer. Sooo good!

A plethera of grilled goodness!

And I’m, LOVING grilled corn this summer too! There are grilled corn, grilled shrimp and grilled squash on that giant platter. From which I concocted a marvelous creation out of. Grilled squash, shrimp and roasted red pepper stacks!

My creation!

I would have used some other veggies but this is all I had on hand and I just went with it. So gooood! I didn’t use one drop of oil or butter on any of those veggies or shrimp and it tasted awesome even without.

Let’s see….what else, what else….Oh yes! Falafel and tzatziki sauce!

Falafel fingers!

And then there was plenty of out to eat goodness. Like down home family style Babe’s Chicken House.


And yummm yummmm Pei Wei!

Pad Thai with veggies and tofu!

I also picked up some sushi rolls from Target one day.

That's the way I ROLL...hehe

SO that about sums up where I’ve been. I’ve taught my Friday class 2 times now and I am loving it! I am team teaching tonight with Christy at Gold’s gym in Arlington, so I am excited about that! I promise I will try and keep updated more frequently from here on out….you know how time can get just get away from you.

P.S…how could I forget the most important thing?!?!?! I finally got my taxes sent in to the accountant! HALELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out!


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  1. Nicci
    Aug 17, 2010 @ 23:05:00

    This weather is wack, I’m missing my time in Chicago with the cool run. I feel like I haven’t been to a baseball game in awhile, did we win?


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