Kia Kaha!

Yellow peeps! I’m back from yet another several day hiatus. My week is flying by, but that seems to be the norm these days. Normally that would be fine, but I’m on a deadline for some important things…like TAXES! Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe taxes?!?!?! I promise I am submitting them to my accountant by next week. YUCK!

In workout news, I am a lil sad to say I have not been able to make it Body Pump at all this week. Been workig late, dealing with sick puppies that require special treatment (I think he is faking just so he can eat boiled chicken and rice, he’s sneaky) and so on and so forth. So, basically I have just been sweating it out onthe elliptical in my 87 degree workout room. Atleast an hour everyday and yesterday I added in some Pump at home. Squats, chest, triceps and biceps. Tonight I will do cardio, then back, lunges, shoulders and abs.

Now on to a few more important topics…food , cute outfits and new do’s. I think we’ll start with outfits and do’s. I got my hair cut on Tuesday. Nothing drastic.

Got my weave whacked

It’s still wet in this pic. I never have them blow dry or style it. I’m low maintenance like that. lol. Nothing too different. More layers and more bangs and a lil shorter bangs. I likey. I can actually tell a big difference with more layers and I love the fact that my bangs are actually cooperable now. I swear next time I gettin it whacked! Whatever.

Shall we move on to cute outfits?????

Yes, I'm in the restroom.

This green dress is SUPER flattering if I do say so myself. I’m not going to tell you how much I paid for it. You’d be jealous. lol. Remember, I am the queen of all things clearance. Can you see my shoes? Oh, well I’ll give you a closer look…


And this is why we need H&M in Texas! I actually bought these on my last trip to Vegas. I was reading an In Style magazine while onthe plane to Vegas and saw these shoes in it. I know exactly where the H&M is in Vegas, so as soon as we got off theplane, I marched my happy lil butt over and bought them! Heck of a deal!

Also, I got my Maori  necklace I ordered from ebay. The tribal design often stands for Kia Kaha, a saying used in the Maori tribe and means “Be Strong!” We use this phrase in Body Pump and the symbol is often related to Body Pump sisers! Atleast my Body Pump sisters.

Kia Kaha!

Now onto some foooooood. I had some tofu that was begging to be used before it went bad, so I decided to try something a lil different. I usually bake my tofu or add it into stir fry, but I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to grill it….wooohooo! I’m a dare devil! I marinated it in liquid smoke, salt, pepper and some Goya Sazon seasoning first.

smoky tofu

Sorry, my pics are blurry. Good news though, I found my camera! yay! While that was marinating, I sliced up an eggplant, sprayed with cooking spray and sprinkled with salt, pepper and some more Goya Sazon seasoning.


I threw all of this on the grill until cooked and a lil crispy on the outside. That’s how I like mine.

Grilled tofu and eggplant

I had some Frank’s Red Hot sauce with my tofu. Frank’s makes everything better!

Aside from that I haven’t gotten real creative in the kitch much this week. I’ve pretty much had salads. Spring mix, cukes, green bell peppers, onion, pickles, mushrooms and Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burger salad…

And last night I had a spring mix salad with mushrooms, edemame and grilled corn and salmon burgers.

I heart grilled corn!

Well, I’ve got a wedding to go to tamale. Bernie’s! YAY! Should be fun. Then I am def going to Pump on Saturday even if it kills me! Thinking I may go hit some balls at the golf club after that. Who knows. i’ve got plenty I should be doing at home if I don’t.

What are your plans for the weekend??? I might even go to Six Flags…hmmm.


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