Hola! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Mine was great. It was filled with good food, Body Pump and more Hurricane Harbor water park fun! I’ve also managed to lose my camera somewhere in my house. I have no idea. I’ve looked everywhere. So, until then, pics will be taken with my phone. Luckily my new phone has a pretty decent camera.

Oh, did I mention that last weekend I managed to break not 1, but 2 blackberrys? My personal and my work. They both crapped out on me. I ended up upgrading my personal to a Samsung Moment. It’s kinda like Sprints version of the Iphone, but it also had a flip out keyboard.


Thank goodness. I am not about the texting on a touch screen. I’m finally getting the hang of this one…I think.

Body Pump News ahead….remember last week when I said I had some news, well, read on. Last Friday night I was team teaching Body Pump with Christy and man was it HOT! I mean, almost unbearable. I was team teaching with her so that I could get a feel for the Friday night class. Because…that will be my very own class now! I am on the schedule with a set class. Previously, I was just alternating weekends and now I will be taking her Friday 5:30pm spot and she is moving to a different night. YAY! That’s exciting to me.

Ok, back to reality. Before heading to class on Friday, I went to lunch with my coworkers at Stumpy’s Grill in Granbury. It’s at the marina on Lake Granbury. I really liked it. I got the fish tacos. Theyre delish!


 Yum! Then, like I said, after work I headed to the gym to teach with Christy. It went well and I am totally excited to be taking over that class! I start in August.

Saturday was an early morning, well for me, and for a Saturday, it’s early. I was teaching Pump at 8:50. Ended up having a great class. Afterward, Margarita and I walked down to GNC to look around. SHe had been following a protein diet outlined by her trainer to give her more muscle definition, so she was showing me the drinks that she has everyday. I decided to try one. After all, I was needing a protein fix after Pump. She drinks Isopure drinks and uses the Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder.


The pineapple orange banana was a pretty good flavor, and for 40 grams of protein, that’s awesome! I ended up making a quick trip to target after that, then headed home. I don’t know if it was a combonation of the HEAT and pump, or what, but I was drained! I just wanted to bum around all day…and that’s pretty much what I did. However, I did manage to get myself up and ready to go to Gloria’s for some patio time later in the evening.

Gloria! Gloria!

Gloria’s ritas make me happy…


I decided to go with something different this time. I got the shrimp chili relleno. It also came with 2 cheese enchiladas. I didn’t realize that at the time.

That's alota food!

There were plenty leftovers. Hubs got fajitas.


After we ate, we walked our lil happy butts over to Cold Stone. We haven’t been there in forever!

Coldstone Creamery

 I got the Birthday Cake Remix, but with chocolate cake batter icecream. Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm.

with sprinkles!

Wow, these meals look so healthy, NOT! Hey, everyone gets to splurge every now and then. Right???? We headed to Blockbuster to see if there was anything worth renting. I ended up getting Alive, a remake of the original It’s Alive and the hubs got Cop Out. I didn’t really pay close attention to the my movie, I was on the internets and stuff, so I couldn’t tell you if it was any good. Sorry. lol

Sunday I woke up ready for some fun in the sun with WEndy at Hurricane Harbor! My shoulders were extremely sore from Pump, so this was a good day to take it easy. I met up with her and our 2 nephews around 11am. We got excellent seats. Usually all the chairs are taken, but I got there right int ime to save us some.

Hurricane Harbor!

Basically we just chilled all day. Layed out, talked, ate and rode 1 ride. We were working on our tans. I ended up eating my nephews salad…with my hands. No fork.

Handy salad.

We ate popcorn and drank a few adult beverages throughout the day. We also snuck some cheese fries in toward the end. hehe. We are sneaky like that. We had such a great time.

You wanna know what a scorcher it was Sunday???? Here is the temp my car had.

Holy Shizballzs!

After all that junk, I needed some veggies in my life. SO that was dinner. Grilled veggies.


 I think we have decided no more adult beverage time at Hurricane Harbor on Sunday…we are always drained and dragging come Monday. lo. It’s not like we are guzzling it down, but the heat just totally blows it out of proportion.

Ok, I think I’ve bombarded you with enough useless info for now. I will be back with more interesting tid bits later.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erica
    Jul 27, 2010 @ 20:43:31

    So glad to hear you’re getting your own class! That rocks- very exciting! I’m sure the class is going to love having you on the regular!! That mexican is making me crave it! Been forever ever. I also have not had a sun filled day in forever. Hmmm….gotta get on that. Enjoy your week ❤


  2. Learning to be Less
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 04:24:19

    Looks like fun (especially beverages at Glorias). All I have to say is – Friday nights will never be the same and you ate at a place called Stumpys?


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