Food, Fitness, FUN! (A Catch Up Bloggy)

So, I’ve been MIA for a week. SORRY! I’m back now, and instead of dragging you through each and every day, I’m just gonna cut to the chase. The good stuff. The stuff that everyone is dying to know about. Well, ok, maybe just the things I like to talk about. We’re going to go with my main purposes of this blog…Food, Fitness and FUN! Oh yeah, and shopping. But that would fit into the “FUN” category.

We will start with Food. Just a few things I whipped up while I was missing…

Peppers, stuffed peppers. ANd on 2 different occasions. One being stuffed poblano peppers with tuna, black beans, cilantro and cheese.

Pepper stuffing

Along side some grilled veggie kabobs.



Stuffed peppers and grilled veggies

This actually one of the few things that I concoct that my friend Dennille would consider eating. I was proud. lol

Again, on a seperate occasion, I stuffed bell peppers. This time with tuna, black beans, rotel diced green chilis and tomatoes, and a can of mixed veggies and cheese. Whew. That’s a lot of stuffing!

More stuffing

This time, instead of baking, I put them on the grill and let them cook.


I had picked up some leeks at the store, but I’ve never cooked with them, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. They were gteting near their last leg, so I thought, what they hay, and threw them on the grill as well. Tossed in EVOO, salt, pepper and italian seasoning.

Looks tasty.

I had my stuffed peppers along with my grilled leeks and some pepperocinis.


I enjoyed the leeks. They tasted like a giant grilled green onion. I like green onions.

Onto fitness….I’ve worked out alot in the past week. Lotsa Body Pump and cardio. Last Wednesday, we had our Body Pump 74 launch party at the gym. It was a beach theme.

The Team

The standard Heather and Colleen shot.


More pics from launch…

Margarita, Colleen and I


Christy and I post launch, we are sweaty messes.

Bernie and I

Launch went great. We had a full house! I’ve also got some other exciting news regarding Body Pump. But I’m going to hold out on announcing it until next week prolly. Stay tuned!

Now onto fun….shall we start with shopping??? OK! A boutique in Fort Worth, Spoiled Pink, was having a HUGE clearance event. They cary all types of cute deigner clothes, shoes etc. Here is what I made out with.

Several bags…lol

Shopping is a sport!

A $225 dress for $25. needs to be takin and shortened, but hey, that ain’t jack.

Cute dress!

 I got these shoes, which I plan on wearing with said dress.

The black ones with that dress.

CUTE! Ecspecially for $13!

I also got these other sandals for $11!

Ruffley sandals

A $2 belt…I will probably wear this with my turbo workout pants since I’m not much into the Ed Hardy desing these days. lol But for $2, uh, yeah!

Ed Hardy, Schmed Hardy. This belt is for the gym.

And this super cute crop sweat pant and tank top loungey outfit. It has a martini on it and says “drinky poo”. Hehe. The sweats match. Got this for $10.

Comfy! I think this pic is sideways. OOPS!

OH POOOO! I also got 2 other tops. Guess I didn’t take a pic. One super cute one sleeve pink tank and a maroon lil crop jacket thingy. Both $5 each.

I think I made out pretty good! 3 pair of shoes, a super cute (originally $225) dress, a comfy loungey outfit, a belt and 2 cute tops all for $90. Not too shabby. Thank you Spoiled Pink! Coulda bought a lot more, but I was trying to practice self control.

Now onto even more fun…Bachelorette Party! YAY! Bernie, our Group Fitness coordinator and also fellow Body Pump instructor is getting married next Friday. Boy, her family really knows how to party too. We had a lot of fun.

Colleen met me at my house and we rode over together.

Ready to party!

 Yeah, there was a super duper quick wardrobe change in there too. I had on a cute lil jumpsuit. I shoulda known better. I had to run in and throw on my lil black dress. Thank God I did. I woulda stuck out like a sore thumb!

Once we arrived we were greeted with yummy refreshments.

Punch...ummm, with a lil surprise!

Yeah, this was some good punch. Colleens exact words were, “mmm, this is delicious!”. Then I followed up with, “umm, yeah, thi is spiked.” lol. It was delish though.

Here are some other pics.

Yeah, you know what that is.

Lotsa snacks

There were also some croissent sandwiches and other things too. But lets move onto the more important things.

Like Bernie being handcuffed to the chair. Hehe

Or taking jello shots with tiny penus shaped candy in them.

Bottoms up!

No worries, there were no strippers involved. Instead they blindfolded Bernie and each of us had to dance for here until she guessed who we were. lol

What a way to spin things. lol

After partying at the house, we headed to my fave place, Gloria’s! Now, you are use to seeing Gloria’s as the fantastico Mexican eatery that I love in my blogs, but little did I know, It turned into a Hot Latin Salsa club after hours! WHAT?!?!? Oh yes. We went and hungout there for the rest of the night.

Gettin our salsa on...ok, not exactly.

We had a great time. I love my girlfriends!

The next day was also super fun filled! Me, Wendy, her son Christopher, and our nephew Dalton and his girlfriend were all meeting up at Hurricane Harbor! The waterpark! Yay! Finally putting my season pass to use!

We rode a lot of rides, not all, due the lines being long, but plenty for sure. After roasting in the sun for a bit, we headed to the shade and enjoyed a nice cold beverage.


Yes, they serve beer at Hurricane Harbor, at the tune of $6 a pop. After we enjoyed a couple of drinky’s, we headed to our last ride of the day. The SKYCOASTER! I never thought I’d get on one of these, but I’m obviousley getting very brave in my old age.

The 3 brave ones.

This isn’t us, but this is what we did.

Up, up, up and away!!!!

Now this is us!


It was so much fun! I was the one that had to pull the cord too! EEEEK! Def worth it. I will be doing it again, and who knows what else. I am becoming a dare devil. lol

I am team teaching Body Pump with Christy Friday night, then I am teaching again on Saturday morning. Not sur ewhat else is on Saturdays agenda, but Sunday me and Wendy are heading back out to Hurricane Harbor for some more fun inthe sun! We are like kids. lol



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