We’ve Got Some Catching Up To DO.

Ahhhhhhhh! WEll crap! I don’t even know where to begin! I’ve been gone soo long! I guess I’ll start by saying I went to Body Pump last Wednesday and it was the first time in 8 days! HOLY CRAP I was sore the next 3 days!!! Remind me to NEVER do that again! Vaca, or no vaca. OUCHY!  We will go from here…..Friday we had a super secret surprise birthday party for Colleen at Macaroni Grill. SHe had no idea!


Of course we started out with a glass of vino…


And the bread, which is so freaking awesome! with olive oil and balsamic!


Then we decided to order an appetizer platter. THe only thing missing was the warm olives! poooooo! That’s what I wanted for my meal, but they were out. How in the world does an Italian restaraunt run out of olives. Unacceptable!
But the rest of the food was still good. I ended up getting the bruschetta due the olives being MIA. SHoulda got a salad, but didn’t even think about it, which totally not like  me.


One of Colleen’s school teacher friends made her the most awesome birthday cake! It had sparkler candles! THought we were gonna set off the smoke detectors! lol

Happy Birthday Colleen!

The cake was soooo awesome! Homeade carrot cake! YUM!


After all was said and done, it was picture time!

Colleen and her BFF

The usual....Colleen and Heather pic. lol

Margarita, Colleen and I

Other Puump sisters were in attendance as well, Christy and Bernie, but I ddn’t get any pics w/them. Christy had just come from teaching a class, so ummm, she wasn;t into getting her pic takin. lol

Ended up heading home a lil after 9pm. I got zero work out Friday….or Saturday! WTF! I went to the golf course on Saturday afternoon and rode around w/the hubs and his friends while they finished  up their last 9 holes. I did manage to show off a lil of my ball whacking skillz while I was there. DOn’t be jealous! lol. WE headed home after that to shower and change clothes. Holy Moly, it’s HOT out there! WE ended up going to Glories (duh) on the patio for din din.

Infamous GLoria Heavy Duty Rita! lol

I’m not usually a HUGE margarita gal, but these are awesome! I always order them. Of course we also had chips and salsa and the bean dip.

chips on horizon...lol

My camera view finder thingy (screen) is not working. SO I was having to guess. lol. I’m sure it will fix itself soon.

salsa and bean dip

And, duh! WE can’t go to GLoria’s without queso!

Super cheesy!

I ended up getting my usual, shrimp quesadillas…and taking all of them home in a to go box. lol

The usual

We ended up going to rent the move, The Crazies…which I proceeded to fall asleep within the first 30 minutes. I was EXHAUSTED!!!! The sun at the golf course and the few beers then ritas. Wowsers. It hit me hard. I was mucho sleepy. Luckily I had to teach Pump on Sunday, so that was def a good workout, no ifs, ands or buts about it! IT was a great class! Lotsa fun!

Hubs was craving spahgetti, which we NEVER make. So I decided to be a nice wifey and make it for him SUnday night. I will post all that craziness along with some fun stuff I made along side in my next post. Sheesh, I can’t get this far behind anymore!

I will probably post tamale since we have Bpdy Pump 74 launch at 5:45 tamale night. Always have fun pics to show off! See ya then!


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