Back To Reality…….WHAHHHHHH!

Just kidding…vaca is fun, but it is nice to get back home and back in the swing of things. Can’t live in lala land forever, right? Tuesday was my first day back at work in almost a full week! It wasn’t bad. Luckily I love my job and have the best coworkers you could ever ask for. Yes, it’s ok, you can be jealous. I am blessed. lol

So, as usual, Tuesday at my office is like crazy junk food city. It’s the day the vendors bring the donuts, cookies, cakes, burritos, kolaches, oatmeal pies, moon pies and every other kinda junk you can imagine. But, thankfully, they also bring fruit too. Thank you vendors. Me, no, no fruit for me. I went with the donut. Yep, I’m a rebel. lol. My stomach has  been janky since Vegas and since I really didn’t eat anything sweet there, I figured what the heck. I actually lost 5lbs in Vegas. Now that wouldn’t be from dehydration, would it? hehe. Anywhoooo

We went to our lil fave mexican place for lunch, and I got  my usual. Bean and cheese nachos. No pic, sorry. We all know what it looks like. Lets face it, I’ve only posted it about 100 times before. After work I headed home and got my first actual “workout” in in almost 7 days! I  mean, that is, if you don’t count all the 12 oz curls I did in Vegas. lol. I did an ultra sweaty hour off cardio on the elliptical. Usual resistance plan. Then I did a lil shoulders and biceps so my next Pump class wouldn’t completely kill me!

I had picked up some salmon at the grocery store so I decided to throw that on the grill. I covered in a stone ground mustard, balsamic vinagerette, olive oil and salt and pepper mixture and placed on a foil sheet sprayed with cooking spray.


I also tossed some zucchini, carrots and broccoli in that same type of mixture to roast in the oven.

While the salmon was cooking away on the grill outside and the veggies were roasting up in the oven, I snacked on a couple of Kim’s Magic Pop snack thingys and fiddle farted around on the internets instead of folding laundry and all those other boring things.

Magically Delicious

These things are crazy. I got them at Central Market and you watch the man make them in front of you. It’s like he rolls up a corn tortilla and puts it a machine that shoots it out and magically appears as seen above. lo. Kinda have a rice cake taste, but have really low calories and carbs. It’s crazy. It’s made from wheat, brown rice and corn.

Soon my food was done. Well, more like almost 9pm. I didn’t get started till late.

Grilled salmon and roasted veggies

It was pretty good. You can’t really go wrong with salmon no matter what you put on it. Atleast in my opinion. This was a total experiment (like everything else I cook) and it was good.

I didn’t end up getting inbed till almost midnight. I wasn’t tired at all! Then I swear I only got 3 hours of sleep. I could not get comfortable. I hate that! Needless to say, it sucked gettiing up and ready for work this morning. However, my outfit turned out cuter than I’d hoped. hehe. That’s always a plus.

For lunch you’ll never ever guess where we went. Wait, did you say soul food?? Yes, that’s right. We went back to Button’s Soul Food. Obviousley we can’t enough of this place. I did manage to venture out this time and not order the fish, shrimp and grits. But man, was it hard not too. Mmmmmm. jalapeno chedder grits. yum! This time I got the shrimp and spinach salad, sans the applewood smoked bacon, and tossed in ranch. Yes, I know ranch is bad, but hey, I wanted it.

Soul food salad

It was perfect! THe shrimp is so tasty! After work I headed to Body Pump, a lil scared because it had been soooo long, but I went. I’m glad I did. I thought I was going to have to go back down on my weights for my first class back, but I didn’t really have to. I’m sure I will be crying tamale from soreness. lol

Dinner was simple simpple. Lotsa green! Cucumbers, bell peppers and edememe with ranch and pinto beans with jalapenos and a lil cheese.

Beans and greens!

Simple as pie..mmmmmm…pie. Nope, don’t have any pie.  Booooooo! Well, that catches me all up. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this on top of my blog. I sure hope I can get some shut eye tonight, but at this point, it’s not looking promissing. Night to yall though!


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  1. Elizabeth (The Dallas Celiac)
    Jul 08, 2010 @ 10:59:26

    Sounds like you had a blast in Vegas! And no, the 5# couldn’t possibly be dehydration… 😉

    I had edamame for dinner too!


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