The Last Day

So…I’m finally to the point of updating our last full day in Vegas. Well, atleast it was half of a last day. hehe. WE ended up sleeping in till 2:30pm! Yes! That’s right. After crawling out of the bed, we managed to throw our swimsuits on for one last day in the sun. One last very short day in the sun. lol. But first, we headed down to grab some grub. I had calamari (of course!)

My fave!

And Cara had her some red meat! lol. Cheeseburger, which I might add, again, looked fabuloso! And french fries…I mean we are at Paris, duh! oui oui.

I snagged a few of those fries. YUM!

Now, after we got some food, we headed to the pool. Cara was jonesin (hehe) for a massage the entire time we were there, so since it was our last day, we both decided to indulge. They could get us in at 5pm, so that gave us a very quick pool visit. Luckily they don’t mind if you go in all greased up to get your massage , so since we were coming from the pool, we were a-ok. I mean, they’re just gonna make us major grease monkeys by the time we are done ayway, right???

I chose the hot stone massage, and Cara, who at first wanted the deep tissue, but since she had never had a massage, I advised against. It can be rough! SO she went with the swedish. We both had our masuesse go a little deep so we couild see if we could handle a rough rub d own (man that sounds dirty, but you know what I mean). We both like the deep tissue, but man, we could totally feel it the next day. Here we are (not at our finest) feeling like the BP oil spill and jello all at one.


We quickly headed upstairs to degrease, pack, set a wake up call for an early departure and decided to get all doodied up for a fancy dinner since it was our last night. We contemplated between The Eiffel Tower restaraunt and Mon AMi Gabi, both in Paris. We decided on Mon Ami Gabi. I had actually been there before. but I remember it being really good.

Last night in Vegas, booooo….dressing up for a fancy dinner, yum!

We clean up pretty good.

 I enjoyed several glasses of chardonney while snacking on the bread.


And Cara had some fun with her bread. hehehehehe

I totally instructed her to pose that way. lol

It’s ok, no one was watching. hehe. I then ordered what I’m claiming to be the best thing I’ve ever ate….the warm olive jar!


If you know me, you know I was in absolute heaven! A big jar filled with warm olive oil, olives and herbs. Holy crap! FOr our main eats, I got the shrimp cocktail. THey were ginormo! I love giant skrimps!

That's what I'm talking bout!

I REALLY like my shrimp.

And Cara got her red meat on again. Steak! YUM!

Cara and her giant steak knife!

Don't eff with Cara! lol

After dinner we went back to the casino and had a few (not so great) hands at roullette then called it a night. WE had an early 8am wake up call. We were on our way to the airport by 9:30 am and back in Texas before 4pm Texas time. When I got home, my head hit the pillow and I was out till late the next  morning. Sheesh! I’ve never slept so good, but man I had some crazy dreams!

That about sums up the bulk of our trip. I will be back with the normal day to day posts starting tamale. Yall have a good night!


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