Vegas Part Deux

Oui oui from lovely Paris Las Vegas day deux! The day started with the same as the first…pool time! Not much drinky drinky goin on this time. TOO HOT! I did have a $20 frozen beverage though. Yes, $20. I know, wtf. And you don’t even get a discount to refill. Lucky for me, no refill was needed. Didn’t even finish this one.

Le pricey drinky.

After a couple hours at the pool (atleast an hour less than the first) we headed up and showered and changed and headed back to Planet Hollywood. Can you tell we love this place. In particular, the Miracle Mile Shops. Good, not too expensive shopping, food and dranks. lol. We ended up having lunch at La Salsa. WE tend to eat their frequently, specifically due to this…

Their's the BOMB!

Again, the happy hour drink was Pacifico.  Just one though.Vegas loves their Pacifico.



After gettin our Mescan on, we headed out to shop a lil. Why oh why can’t we have H&M in Texas?!?!? I got the cutest dress, shirt adn the pair of sandals I saw in a magazine on the plane on the way to Vegas…all for $50 somethin! I heart  my new sandals! WE also purchased these super cute new watches.


Purchased lots of new sunglasses (I always buy sunglasses in Vegas) and tried on some funny shades too.

Pow! Pow!

After havin a lil shopping fun we headed to The Stripper Bar. lol. No worries, no clothing was shed in there. haha. Just some very expertise pole skillz displayed every 30 minutes.

"Stripper" bar

Here is the girl showin her skillz…

She was talented!

ANd the eeky pervs eyeballin her. lol

WE had some souvenir shots…

ANd met some crazy charachters. lol

Heehee. After the Stripper bar, we headed back to the room to change and head down the strip to Oh Shea’s. I like to call Oh SHea nay nay’s. hehe. We had to make atleast one trip there. It’s our Vegas hangout. lol. That’s sad. haha. On the way walking down, we ran into a man with his Boa, Eddy. THey, of course, were promoting a Vegas show, But they let us hold the snake. I was INSTANTLY in love! I always thought I hated snakes, but this one was soooo sweet!

Do you like my boa???

I'm insane!

After Oh SHea’s we headed back to Paris and hung out at the bar for a bit, then ended up meeting some fun peeps and played roullette. I’m not a gambler, but when you get a good crows, it’s super fun! We had a blast. Here’s pretty much how the night ended…

Fun time had by all!

Awwww. Day trois up next! Stay tuned!


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