Jour Un De Vegas

Home again, home again, jiggity jee! I survived Vegas for the bazillionth time! YAY! We had tons of fun and I’m going to catch you up it asap. But first of all, can I just “WOW!” I have not worked out in a week! Sheesh! My poor poor muscles are not gonna know what hit them when I get back to the gym! I plan on going full force……starting tamale. hehe. I’m still resting. We also had a 4th of July party we went to yesterday which was quite fun. My hubs friend knows how to throw one awesome party. Unfortunately there are no pics to show for it. Sorry. I can explain a few words though. FOOD, BOOZE, MUSIC, FRIENDS and POOL TIME! THat about tells you all you need to  know. It was fun! Now onto Vegas.

On our the butt crack o' dawn!

We got to Vegas begfore 8am! Got to our hotel, Paris, a lil before 9am and the earliest check in was 11 (although, we ended up getting in at 10am, Thank God!) While waiting to check in we scooted on over to Planet Hollywood and grabbed a quick breakfast and a bloody mary at Cheese Burger. hehe.

I had the small fresh fruit bowl…


And Cara had the best lookin breakfast ever! YUM!

And we both enjoyed a bloody mary.

After getting checked in to le room at Paris, we put on our swimsuits and headed down to the pool for some fun int he 110 degree sun! Yes, it was 110 degrees, but luckily it’s tolerable in VEgas. No humidity! Thank GOD!

View from the pool.

We  hung out for a few hours, probably one hour too long. After a few of these…


And some fun pics…

Ooh lala...hehe

We were done. We really didn’t have too  much to drink, but I know when you add that with the heat, it doesn’t take much. SO, we headed in. Poor Cara wasn’t feeling well. I think the sun really did her in. We showered, and got dressed and headed down the strip to Diablo’s Cantina for a few happy hour drinky’s, ships, dips and other fun.


Cute pic time.


Chips and dips!

And happy hour drink for the hour…

Pacifico and water

Cara was illin; by this point. She wasn’t drinking anything, but she was not feeling well from the sun earlier. Luckily there is a CVS right next to Diablo’s so we stopped in and got her a bottle of Mallox.

Chuggin' the good stuff. lol

Snapped a few pics walking back to the hotel.

And we all know these guys…


We headed back to the hotel. Cara went to take a nap and I headed down to dilly dally on the penny slots. Ended up havin a few drinky’s at the hotel bar and then Cara came  back down later. WE called it a night after that. Kept it pretty mild for the first night. lol. I’ll be back with day deux in just a bit!



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