Soulfood City…..X’s 2!

Question of the month…..who am I?!?!?!? I’m totally slacking in the blog department! Ugh! Sorry! I hate that! I have been busy getting ready to head to Vegas on Wednesday! WOOOHOOO! Even though I was a complete lay bum yesterday. I’m just going to fill you in on my highlights from Thursday on. Well, actually Wednesday night. Wednesday I made it to Body Pump! Yay!!! I actually wasn’t hungry, so I snacked on some sauteed onion and peppers with avacado. Not much.

Light din din

The next day on my way to work I sampled Brett Micheals Special Edition Snapple Tea. Yum!

Holy scmack! For lunch, I met WEndy in Fort Worth at a place I had never been….Buttons! An upscale soulfood restaruant. Oh my gooodness! I can’t even begin to explain the flavors that were about to enter my mouth! Chief Keith Hicks had got it GOIN ON!!!!!


If you are ever in Fort Worth I highly suggest checking this place out!!!! Huge amazing and fun menu! And the food….holy moly! Amazing! I decided on the fish, shrimp and grits for my meal.

Fish, shrimp and grits!

OH….MY….GOODNESS! These grits were completely outa control good! Chedder jalapeno! YUM!!!!! Also served with an over easy egg on top! YUM! WE also got fried green tomatoes for an appetizer! Also served on a bed of grits, topped with sausage and an over easy egg!

Fried green mators. lol


Thursday night I had a good sweaty hour on the elliptical. It’s hot up in my workout room! But man, it feels good! I love sweating!

I had made some salmon the night before for hubs so I had that with wome avacado for eats that night.

Salmon and avacado!

You’ll never believe what we did on Friday……we gotour soulfood on again! Yes! WE went straight back to buttons! lol. THis time, with several coworkers. I ended up getting the same thing. I wan’t feelin right bout asking for substitutions on other dishes, so I went with what I knew was AWESOME! I did find out though, you can substitute anything! THey will totally cater to what you want. I ove that! Here are some samplings of what my coworkers got….

The signature Chicken and waffles.

chicken and waffles

My coworker tha got this RAVED about it! And he is a tough critic. Said it was the best he’d ever had! Next up…black castle burgers with gotcha sauce on the side!

Then we have pot roast. I forget the clever name for this on the menu.

But oh noooooo, we don’t stop there. WE have to get desert! Heck yes! Bread pudding and peach cobbler. The bread pudding is made with white chocolate. Need I say more????

CRAZY good!

No worries….3 of us shared that desert! And now for Wendy’s all time fave, peach cobbler!


Well, I definately needed to work that off! So O headed to a kick ass Body Pump that night. Had to use a weighted bar! Yikes! Even the slightestweight increase makes a difference. Ecspecially since I’ve gone up on all my weights recently. Oh well. I loved every minute of it. Great workout! Headed over to Colleens after that for some much needed girl time! I will cath you up on all of that next time. I promise one more post before heading off to Vegas!


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  1. Learning to be Less
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 23:18:22

    Dude your stuff looks good. Did you see the pics on KERF’s site today? I wouldn’t eat that sandwich if you paid me.


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