So Much To Say!

First off, Happy Father’s Day! (well, it was Father’s Day when I originally started this post)

I’m not going to even attempt to start where I left off! Soooo, I’ll just give you some hilights. Tooo much to catch up on. I am soooo sore today from my back to back hella killer Body Pump classes! Plus some super high heels last night! My tootsies hurt!

Soooo, here goes…when I left you last (I think) I was talkin bout my new work ride. Back to my roots in a 2 door Honda Civic!

Don't be jealous...hehe

I must say, this was an excellent purchase!!!! It drives like a dream, great gas mileage and is super dependable for commuting bakc and forth for work….BUT it has nothing on the Benz! hehe. My baby stays in the garage till I get home, then she comes out to play! YAY!

Here are some hilights on my weekly eats. Roasted tempeh and sprouts.

Let them soak in a lil soy and terryaki sauce…

Then cooked the tempeh in a skillet while the sprouts got their raost on in the oven. Voila!

Thursday I enjoyed some delicious Brown Cow Greek yogurt for breakfast.

And we went to Pei Wei for lunch! SCORE! I got my usual…pad thai with tofu and veggies. YUM!

Thursday nights I usually go to Turbo Kick, but I decided to workout from home. I did an hour on the elliptical, then I practiced a lil Turbo on my own at home.

Friday for lunch, my coworkers and I went to what we thought was a new restaraunt in Granbury…actually, it was an existing restaruant that had been renamed and bought by new owners….only to our dismay, we were wrong. We were at the wrong location. Boooo…oh well, it turned out better than it use to when we went in the past. I never really liked the food before, but the set up is awesome. It’s on Lake Granbury! And we always eat on the deck. M

My coworkers walkin in…

Here’s the view from were we sat..we were trying to stay cool in this 1000+ Texas weather.

I love this atmosphere…but I would REALLY LOVE IT more if I could be drankin a cold beer, but no can do! Gotta go back to work. I ended up ordering the nachos…minus the bacon. Instead of tortilla chips, t hey are made with kettle chips.

After we were done, we drove out to the actual place we wanted to go to. Duh…we were off by a few miles. lol.

Friday night I headed to Body Pump where Christy proceeded to ckick my ass profusely! It was not pretty, but it was amazing….can that make sense? HOLY MOLY…she had a killer line up that night. Ouchy! Afterward, me and Collen headed to OTB for a few drinkys, chips and dips and girl talk!

I was parched!

DUH! Gotta have our guac!

Saturday was spent teaching a most fantabulous Body Pump class in the a.m.! Christy taught with me, and after Friday nights class, plus teaching Saturday with Christy, OMG! I was officially done! I guess I need to learn to lightne up when doing back to back classes! Sheesh, I was sore on Sunday. Not to mention, I was teaching a  pretty hard chest track and it decided to stop right in the middle of the song….so what does Christy do…..start it all over! Holy shiz balls! Ecspecially holy shiz balls using my new heavier weight! OUCHY!!!!

Saturday night we went to the hubs twinn bros bday party. HAd a grand time, lotsa fun! Met some really nice new peeps too! No pics…I know, I know…WTF. SOrry!

Sunday was spent pretty much just lounging. Forgot to mention I got some major sun time on Saturday afternoon…slight burn, but will end up being a great tan. Sooo, considering that, and the fact that I was sore as a biotch, I laid low. No workout, No sun…just chillin.

Oh! I also did some shopping and bought a few super cute dresses this weekend!

SHoot…I forgot! My Kate Spade came a knockin on my door Friday afternoon too!!!! I just opened her yesterday!

Almost unwrapped!

There she is!

Oh man… I’ve got issues. lol

I made some super yummm grilled veggies and stuffed peppers Sunday night. I will feature those on my next post.


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  1. Learning to be Less
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 09:43:15

    Hilarious!!! That is so Christy to start a track over. No wonder you are so sore. I bet the Corona helps. Congrats on the new wheels. Maybe not as fancy as your new bag but a smart buy.


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