It’s Been A While!

Wowsers! Feel like I been gone forever!!!!!! Nothing super exciting, as usual. Did have some great girlfriend/pool time yesterday and taught a kick ass Pump class today though! SInce I’m sooo far behind, I’ll just hit you with the exciting (kinda) stuff.

Wednesday, Wendy and I went back to COwtown Diner for lunch since we were in Fort Worth. YUM!

Cowtowen Diner! Yeeeehaw!

I couldn’t resist and got the same thing as last t ime. THe Louise salad. YUM!

Super salad!

We had an open house for our new office at work that afternoon. I enjoyed a awesome lemon cupcake.


I was EXHAUSTED when I got home. I actually felt like I was getting sick. BOOO. I thought I would do some cardio to wake me up, so I did a good sweaty hour on the elliptical. I was wrong. I was even more tired after that. BLAH! I had a salad after that…no need for pics, we all know what it looks like, right???

On to Thursday! Out to lunch again with my girl Wendy, this time, the new restaraunt in Granbury, Dang, what’s the name? I can’t remember. Pooo. ANywho, I’ve been there once before with Wendy. THey have an awesome menu, but unfortunatly we never seem to get a waitor that knows it all that well. Not good. They also have great presentation, however, the food seems bland. Needs more seasoning. I alsways find myself adding salt. Pretty plates, but needs a lil more oomph. We started out with chips and trio dips.

Queso, guac, salsa and CHIPS!

I would say th is has been my fave thing on the  menu so far. lol.

I ended up getting another appetizer for my meal. The shrimp tempura quesadillas. Again, greattttt presentation, but lacking in flavor. It was served sushi style.

Quesadillas sushi style.

 Poor Wendy, her order got ALL sortsa jacked up. Was all wrong. I hate that!

I went to Turbo Kick that night and had an awesome sweaty workout! FInally getting Turbo down! Hopefully I will be able to teach or sub soon! YAY! I had a rice bowl with a buttload od tuna for eats.


Friday I was traveling alot for work, so no lunch pics. WE had Pump practice that night for the new 74 release. HOLY SCHMOLLY! I’ll just say, prepare yourself! Its awesome but it’s tough! When I got home I had a noodle bowl with even more tuna! hehe.


I also had some vino! Hey, it was Friday!

Vino, Vino, VINO!

I had every intention on going to the gym Saturday morning for Turbo…that didn’t happen. I was sooo exhausted again. No worries, I got some cardio in at home on the elliptical.

That afternoon we had a FUN girls day planned to h ang out by the pool at Christy’s.Pumpers unite! I made a kick ass veggie plate and headed on over.

Christy was on the clock as bartender. lol. She had her margarita machine on full speed and was a michelada makin machine. haha

Bartender Christy

My veggies..

Veggies and ranch!

WE hung out by the pool all day! Just talking and laughing!

colleen and Bernie

And, Margarita, I’m sooooo sorry, but I have to post this. It;s the only pic I had of you. hehe

Coconut Bra TIME! hehe

I’ll take it down if you realllly want me to. Hehe. Just to make you feel better, here I am in the cocnut bra.


Well, that about does it for now. I’m grilling up some awesome salmon and veggies tonight so stay tuned!


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  1. Margarita
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 19:43:35

    Well I don’t fill up the coconuts, but it was funny. Who cares… I work hard on the rest, the boobies just aren’t there… so gotta live with it. LOL


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