Emergen-C Please!

Happy Humpday night! Hope everyone’s gettin their hump on….ok, keep that to yourself. lol. Strange day for me…I slept like an absolute baby last night!!!!! GOOOOOODDDDD!!!! BUT, I’ve felt so bad since lunch today….tired as all get out, nausous, and just poooped. I don’t know what is going on. I hope I’m not getting sick. I need to drink Emergen-C stat!

IMMUNE DEFENSE 1,000 mg Vitamin C Enhanced Zinc Flavored Fizzy Drink Mix 30 Pack, Ruby Lemon Honey

Backing up to yesterday…..more Chobani in my life! YAY! Pom Chobani this time around!


I was all over creation yesterday for work. Here, there and everywhere!!!!  Not much time for pics! I actually was able to make it to Body Pump too! That doesn’t happen too often on Tuesdays! YAY! Great class with Bernie! I’ve been really focusing on upping my chest weight and I’ve been keeping steady with it! Yay! I’ve gotten my shoulder weight  and squat weight up and feel really stable with them now too.  Plus, it was even better since she said I was looking thinner. I love her! hehe!

When I got home, I was desperately needing more cardio so I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes. Just what I needed! For eats I decided on sauteed veggies and a stuffed salmon round….in case you’ve been wondering about my stuffed salmon, this is what it is. I get it at Target and it’s the BOMB!

Love it!

It actually comes in several different varieties. I have them all. YUM! For my veggies I chopped some of my super bargain yellow squash, bell pepper and onion and let it sizzle…


then added in some spinach, mushrooms and sunburst baby yellow tomatoes.

Add that all together with my salmon and here is what you get!

yummy! Salmon and veggies!

Oh, I added some shelled edemame in with my veggies too. Oops.

Like I said earlier, I slept like a mofo baby last night. I mean, better than I have in a long time, yet I’m exhusted today. I do realize my workouts (body pump) have picked up and my eating habits have kind of lightened up so I’m sure that had A LOT to do with it. I guess I really need to focus on energizing my body for the workouts I’m putting in to maximize my results!

Here’s to another GOOD nights sleep. Hope you all enjoy the same!


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  1. Learning to be Less
    Jun 14, 2010 @ 01:34:17

    You girls are too much!! Hope you had a drink for me. So….where do you take turbo? I have been doing it for years and love it. Not as much since Christy introduced me to body attack but I still love it!


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