Hey peeps. Not much to post today. Gonna be makin some much needed changes round my parts.

Mine-Lecture Time! (not really) I am officially giving up the vino….well, atleast the weekday drinkys. I admit, lately, I’ve been tending to celebrate everyday that ends in “y”. lol.  That is not good! Wow, doesn’t sound like anything major, right? Well, when you like the vino like I do, it is a big change but I’ve been needing to cut it back for a while.  And sometimes, the stresses of life just make you want a lil drink, but I am smart enough to know that is no way to deal with things. And I will say, I’ve had my fair share of stressful moments over the past year.


And, aside from it not being a way to deal with stressful issues, it is definately not a healthy practice for your body!  Atleast, not in mass quantities! lol. like I’ve said before, I know it will definately help in the “losing 10lb’s” area! So there it is…I’ve aired some dirty laundry. hehe. After all, no better way to be held acountable, right?!? Now, I am in no way saying there is anything wrong with enjoying a drink, just be responsible and consider your health and happiness. So out with the old and in with the new!  Here’s to a happier, healthier small lifestyle change! Woohoo! I already feel better!

For info on how alcohol can affect your body, check out this website. Sorry! Don’t mean to be Debbie Downer, but it is facts!

Mini-Lecture over!

Now onto a more fun topic…SURVEY TIME! Got this from Kelly.

Rules: you can only use ONE WORD to answer the questions!! Have fun!

Where’s your cell phone: desk
Your hair: ponytail
Your mother: perfectionist
Your father: goofy
Favorite food: mexican
Dream last night: mom
Favorite drink: water
What room are you in: office
Hobby: fitness
Fear: illness
Where were you last night: home
Something that you aren’t: irresponsible
Muffins: blueberry
Wish list item: pool
Where did you grow up: Groesbeck
What are you wearing: jeans
Your pets: doodles
Friends: supportive
Something you’re not wearing: socks
Favorite store: Target
Favorite color: red
Last time you laughed: today
Your best friend: Alot
Best place you go to over and over: VEGAS!
Person who emails you regularly: Wendy
Favorite place to eat: Mexican


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