Well, it’s hump day! Happy Wednesday! I’m just now catching up on  stuff, thank goodness there was nothing really exciting to tell about last night.

Like I mentioned before, I was home not feeling well on Monday. It was pretty much as lazy as lazy can get. The only exciting thing I did manage to do was make a frittata! I’ve never made before, atleast I on’t remember making on. I had a ton of egg whites that needed to be used, so that’s what I settled on. A egg white (plus one whole egg) and veggie frittata. I started by sauteeing zucchini, squash, red onion and bell pepper.

I added in mushrooms and spinach before pouring in my egg mixture.

For my eggs, I used egg whites and one whole egg and added in 2 spoonfuls of diced jalapenos, then poured the mixture over the sauteed veggies and added some cheese too.

 Let this cook on the stovetop until edges get formed, then stick inthe oven (on 425 degrees) anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes, until center is not runny.


And there you have it….exciting, huh?!?

No working out on MOnday. Watched The Bachelorette and I was out. THis season seems so scandalous, I couldn’t resist reading all the spoilers on  on Tuesday. I already know pretty much everything except the final rose, and I’ve got a pretty good hunch. I will continue to watch though.

Tuesday’s breakfast consisted of leftover crab salad, with a little help from some crack green sauce. But no pics are uploading, so just imagine that appetizing breakfast in your heads. I also had a Kind bar.

Lunch was leftover frittata with more green salsa.

YAY! It uploaded!

When I got home, I was exhausted. I got in a good sweaty hour on the elliptical, ate an apple and pickles and hit the sack. Well, after I watched the end of The Biggest Loser. Those people are amazing! Inspiration for sure!


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