I Gotta New Nickname!


Hey, hey, hey! I feel like I’ve been gone forever! Sorry about no posts yesterday, I was actually at home not feeling well, I didn’t even get a workout in! Yuck! I’m gonna back that ass up to Friday and get us back on track. For lunch I was scrounging desperately for whatever I could find. I ended up with this Betty Crocker Noodle Bowl.


I added in some albacore tuna for a little more umph.

Chickeny flavored tuna noodles. hmmmm.

It tasted like a tuna pot pie. lol. Not the most appetizing picture, but it worked. When I got home, guess what was waiting for me???

Body Pump 74

Body Pump 74 release dvd. I can’t wait to watch it. From the previews it looks like the toughest one yet. Friday night was pretty lame. Nothing exciting, Id did the elliptical and got ready for to teach Body Pump Saturday morning. I had a salad with steamed salmon on top.

Salmon and spinach

I also made a mock crab salad. Imitation crab meat, onion, stone ground mustard and a lil mayo.

Kinda crabby

A lil of that was on my salad too.

Woke up bright and early to head to pump (per my previous post). After pump I had a windshield repair guy meeting me at my house. Yup, already got a chip in my new cars window! UGH! I do have to say he did an excellent job, you can’t even see it anymore! I was pleased. The rest of the day was spent pretty lazily. Is that a word??I did let the dogs play in their lil pool though.

Super Licky LOVES the water!

I thought me and the hubs were going to eat or do something, but that was a no go, so instead I ordered Chinese delivery. Yes! I’m so glad there is a decent Chinese place in my area again.

I ordered tofu with veggies.


And crab rangoon. Which, of course, the pic won’t upload. While eating, I semi watched a movie, Extraordinary Measures, then hit the sack. I live such an exciting life, I tell ya.

I definately slept in SUnday. Didn’t have much planned for the day either besides pump, but that wasn’t unitl 2:30. YOu see, it’s times like this where I should be up cleaning my hell hole of a house, but serious lack of motivation sets in, and, well, I just hate cleaning!

Before Pump, I did manage to make it to the grocery store where I bought a lot of fresh veggies that I planned on grilling that evening. Pump was awesome! Margarita and Colleen team taught. My butt was definately sore from Saturday though.

After pump I headed back home to continue on with my laziness. Can I just say that I am officially declaring this my most lazy weekends ever. Aside from Pump, I did nothing productive. WTH. The rest of my SUnday looked something like this…

lounging on the hammock

 And sipping on some ice cold Bud Light.  After relaxing in the sun for a couple of hours, I headed in to get started onmy veggies.

My pic won’t upload, but ther is zucchini, squash, jalapenos, bell peppers, corn


 And these Melissa’s Baby Beets.



I mixed up some stone groundmustart, balsamic and EVOO and let them sit for a while, then onto the grill they went!

Straight off the grill!

I steamed up another peice of salmon and my meal was complete. But, you guessed it, it won’t upload.

So, anywho…that was my oh so lazy weekend. I ended up staying home on Monday not feeling well, so, it continued on my lazy weekend until today. Bright eyed and bushy tailed at work (despite the fact I feel like I only got 5 minutes of sleep last night) and plan on being in full workout mode this afternoon. I still have to catch up from yesterdays big new. I will do tha tlater. Have a glorious Tuesday!


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  1. Learning to be Less
    May 26, 2010 @ 01:39:22

    Did you grill or kill those veggies? Just kidding. Balsamic is yummy! How was it?


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