Well…Whatdaya Know…NYC.

So, being the genius that I am, I decided to see just exactly which NYC pics I could get to upload. Not many…actual barely none at all compared to how many I actually took. Anywho, here are the ones that I did get on here. I know it’s just so exciting, right???

Time Square on the first day there, right outside our hotel, Crowne Plaza.

Me, looking quite lovely in my UT get-up, outside our hotel in Time Square.

The three Texan pickachus in Time Square.

We saw The Lion King the first night. Amazing!


And I actually worked out one morning in the Hotel Gym. It’s actually a gym that is open to members all over the city.

We took a bus tour that took us all over the city. You know I snapped the original Macy’s building (along with many, many more pics that aren’t uploaded)

Central Park…

Battery Park…

And Chinatown…where everyone knows your name, “handbag, handbag”. hehe

Eating at Stardust Cafe in Time Square.

WHere the waitstaff sings and entertains all night long…

CBS Studios…Late Show with David Letterman.

And a visibly overjoyed Cara, modeling her lovely $5 teal pashmina,  outside Hello Deli. Could never catch them when they were open.

Kristi shakin her groove thang in Grand Central Station. THis place was amazing!

Now this is really the Central Market. In Grand Central Station!

We saw Chicago the last night. Holy moly, it was awesome. WE had fabulous seats, unfortunately, this is the only pic that would load. It’s the stage after the show. Exciting stuff, huh…and all that jazzzzzz.

After the show, we were singing and dancing everywhere. YOu just can’t help it! WE hit up the Pizza place across from our hotel, and proceeded to act like the true heathens we are.

And me with my $27 bottle of wine. You better your hotpocket I drank every last drop…straight outa the fine crystal plastic cuppies they provided.

So sad to leave…this is me giving the pigeons there farewell pretzel. Bye bye lil pigies.

And my final NYC to upload…my last meal there. MAxies Cafe. Calamari and a Caprese salad that I only had like 2 bites of because I insisted on eating almost all of the fried goodness. I had eaten salads the whole time, until then, and I wasn’t wasting it!


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