A Healthy Twist…Sorta

Good Thursday morning to ya! I was out and about for work yesterday so I will be backing up to Tuesday to fill you in. I’ve been a driving mad woman these past few days. I’m def breaking the new wheels in.

Tuesday was a lil lacking in the lunch department. Didn’t have much to choose from, so I went with this Healthy Choice Ravioli Florentine Marinara.

Frozen lunch day

Ehhh, it was aight.

with cheese on top

I don’t eat a lot of frozen meals (I say that as I think that I’ve posted a few on here very recently) but I would have to say that the best one I’ve had recently was the Lean Cuisine Parm Crusted Fish. It was pretty good to be frozen.

Do you eat frozen meals? Whats your fave?

I was so excited that I actually made it to Body Pump on time Tuesday afternoon! Yay me! However, it seemed like it had been forever, I actually went lighter on squats than normal. Booo.

I wanted a big salad for eatzi’s that night. I had bought zucchini and yellow squash and broccoli, so I decided to grill those up and make a spinach and grilled veggie salad with salmon and mahi mahi!

Grillin', grillin'

THat’s balsamic vinegar on top of the veggies. Then I threw my salmon and mahi mahi on the grill for a few minutes. The foreman cooked my fish perfect! I have never made fish on it before.

Salad time!

As I mentioned, I was a travelin’ fool yesterday at work. I was onthe go all day, so I have no lunch pics to show. I did snack on some celery and hummus and remembered to snap a pic.


I was so exhausted that when I got home, I took a shower and got straight in bed! I coulda slept all evening, but Instead, I decided to get up and get some stuff done…kinda.

The hubs plays golf on Wednesday afternoon, so I asked if there was anything at the club that I could eat. The only thing they had left was cheese pizza. I could work with that. So, in an effort to make my cheese pizza a lil more healthy, I threw the remaining broccoli, zucchini and squash in the oven to roast up.


I threw these bad boys atop my pizza for a healthier twist.

Roasted veggie pizza!

OK, I’ve ten assloads of stuff to get done now, so I will catch y’all on the flip floppy!


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