Mini G-Town Recap & Other Randomness

Hello there. I’ve finally decided to grace you with my bloggy presence again. Like I mentioned on my last post, I was headed home to Groesbeck to party with my besties this past weekend. And party we did do. Well, atleast enought that us old 30 somethings can handle.

It was on of my very best friends, Cara, birthday! The BIG 32!

Happy Birthday!

Thanks to Tamara, she invited all to her beautamous house to have a lil party before heading out to party wild in the Big city of Mexia. (Side note, I am not from Mexia…I am from Groesbeck. Unfortunately, there are not many places to party in Goresbeck, therefore we end up going to Mexia).

We hung out by the pool and had some frosty beverages and snacked on chips and dips and all that jazz.

Tamara's awesomeness pool

Here are some random pics of us gossiping and havin fun.

Nelda, Cara and Kristi

Kristi, me, Cara and Ashley

And the night wouldn’t be complete without Cara getting a bottle of her fave….gold schlagger…or as we like to call it, gold slobber. hehe. Actually this was the generic version though. lol

You go Cara!

No worries, we didn’t really get that wild. here is a group shot of all who attended Cara’s lil diddy.

Group shot!

I look like I’m holding on to AShley to keep me standing. I promise that wasn’t the case. After Tamara’s we headed to Mexia and danced and partied the night away at Coyote Run.

Fun Times!

A few more things worth mentioning while I was in G-Town…I got to hang out with my parents and the rest of my family. We had a good time. I also got to meet my parents new addition…Lulu.

In her bikini!

She’s a teensy weensy peekapoo, and she is adorable!

In one of her many sundresses

She has more clothes than I do!

Smile lulu

I also got to congratulate my sister, niece and other BFF Mandy and her daughter for participating in their very first 5K! Wooohoooo! Congrats!

That about winds up my G-Town trip. I got home on SUnday about 3pm and was very, very sleepy. I didn’t workout, instead I just sat around and watched TV and caught up on some shows.

Yesterday was Monday, which meant, work….Guess what I had for lunch?!?!? ANyone? Anyone???


Muir Glenn Organic Southwest Blackbean soup. I ate it with Garden of Eatin Multi Grain tortilla chips and some cheese on top.

With flaxseed!

Beany, cheesy and multi-grainy.

After work, I was desperatly needing to sweat! I hadn’t worked out since last Thursday! That’s tragic! I wasn’t able to make it to Body Pump, so I decided on a good hour on the elliptical. Same as usual. 30 minutes on 20 resistance, 10 on 15, 10 on 10, 5 on 5 and 5 on zero. Totaling a good sweaty hour. I needed that!

For eatz I decided on my mediteranean stuffed salmon rounds again. These things are addictive! I didn’t take a pic of the package, but I get them at Target. Yummm.

I also had a bag of spinach that needed to be used, so I decided to saute up some onion, mushroom, garlic and spinach.

Saute fixins

i started with the onion and garlic, then added in the mushrooms.

sizzle, sizzle

Then I added in about half the bag of spinach to the mix.

Lotsa green!

All that green quickly wilted down and I ended up actually using the entire bag of spinach, and it still didn’t even look like much after it was cooked! Crazy!

And here is my plate. Voila!

Sauteed spinach, onion, mushrooms and garlic with mediteranean stuffed salmon!

Ok, peeps, I’ve bored you long enough. I got mega work to finish up on before heading to a Dr. appointment this afternoon. Then Body Pump! YAY!


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