Let’s Try This Again…

Ok, let’s see if it will work this time.

Nope, still not working. CAn I file an official complaint????? I’m about to go bananas on someone!

So imagine what my balsamic roasted slaw and shrimp with my sweet cream cheese filled mini peppers looks like in your creative lil noggins.

Anyways, on to Wednesday.I woke up and headed off to tan before my body scrub appointment at Daired’s Spa Pangea at 11:40am.

Imagine a pic of me riding in my car with the sunroof open here. That’s the pic I tried to upload, but wordpress would have no such thing! WTFingF?!?!?

After my scrub down I had a dentist appointment to get my permanent crown put on. Since I had only been wearing the temporary since last August, I felt it was time to go ahead and get that $1000 bad boy put on permanently. I tend to forget about doing this. But if I’ve already paid for it, they can hold for as long as I wanna wait! Before heading into the dentist I grabbed a iced non-fat vanilla latte from Starbucks inside the grocery store next to my dentist.

Imagine that pic here.

THey also had an olive bar that was just screaming my name!


I had to indulge. I can’t help myself. Once my crown was securely placed in my mouth I headed back home to review my Body Pump music for Wednesday nights class.

Pump was at 5:45 and was a good turn out. I am super sore from lifting super heavy on squats the last 3 classes. Ouchy!

Before I left for class though, I got all my veggies marinating for dinner later that night. I had halved brussel sprouts, carrots and broccoli. I soaked it in light balsamic.


 I roasted them at 375 degrees for 20 minutes, tossed then another 15 minutes. I had sicilian tilapia (frozen, steamer kind) along with my veggies.

Veggies and tilapia

Thursday at work WEndy and I went to a new restaraunt in Granbury that was quite delightful. Unfortunatley my camera battery was dead. (not liek the pics would upload anyways, but I would have atleast tried). THen we also had a big crawfish boil after work . It was hosted by one of our vendors, Dunaway. It”s always a big time. Lotsa beer, wine, tons of crawdaddies and burgers and hotdogs. ANd what crawdaddy boil would be complete with the cajun band?!?! I only stayed for a bit since I had packing to do and cleaning before I head to G-town for the weekend.

Hopefully I’ll have some fun pictures to share from the weekend. ANd hopefully I can actually post them on here! As you can tell, I’m a bit irritated and I don’t wanna be all negative nelly on here, so I will leave you with that. Yall be safe!


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