Full O’ Bull

Sooooo, can you believe that I’m actually back?!?! I missed my bloggy time. So,  until I can figure out WTH is going on with my NYC pics I’m just going back to the normal blog fun. And speaking of NYC, can you believe the crazy efftards we have living in our country?!? I mean, really!?! I’m bored today, so I think I’ll go try to blow up Time Square…this world is a crazy place, and I happened to be standing exactly where that maniac chose to park his unsuccessfully built car bomb just a few days before he did it. Seriously, the footage of McDonalds being evacutaed…I was like “Holy shit, I was standing right there buying a diet coke everyday last week!”. We went to that McDonalds everyday! Skeeery! Anywho, be careful people!

 Ok, ok, backing up to Monday…thank sto my lovely friend and fellow body pump instructor, Colleen, I was able to make it to Body Pump. A little late, but I still made it. SHe was so nice to set up my weights and bench for me so I could just walk right in! I also stuck around for about 20 minutes of Christy’s cardio class afterward. Crazy ass class!

Yesterday I snacked on a Kind Almond & Apricot bar.


I got several of these at CVS. THey had them marked down to 50 cents! Woohoo, I think I’ll go back and buy all of them. Around 11:15am I made lunch, which consisted of this Parmesan Crusted Fish Lean Cuisine.


It was actually quite tasty for a frozen diet meal.

Perdy good.

THey were shutting down our network in our office from 11:30 to 1:30 so I decided I would take that as a sign from the Big Man Above and go shopping at Academy to pass the time. Boy howdy, can you say “SALE!!!” They had massive clearance going on! Man, sometimes I worry about myself in that store. I just can’t help myself! Here’s what I got..

2 new sports bras-$4.88 each

2 cute tops-$4.88 each

1 hoodie-$4.88

1 pair of running shorts-$4.88

A very sweeeeet Nike UT shirt-$19.98 (that was a splurge)

Another cute UT shirt-$9.88

A pair of Adidas (lil boys) for Pump-$39.99…cuz you know I need 5 pairs to choose from when teaching PUMP.

(FYI…I tried to insert a pic right here, but WordPress was having no such thing. WTH is up with that???)

Question for you guys…do you think I’m crazy if I have a different pair of workout shoes for each of the following: Pump (OK, more like 3 or 4 pairs for PUMP), cycle, cardio class, running, walking and then 5 or 6 more pair just because. Do I have a problem???? I’ve posed this question on my Facebook, and it seems there are alot of people out there that do the same thing.

After my shopping spree I headed back to the office to finish out the day. When I got home I jumped on the elliptical and had a good sweaty hour session. First 25 minutes at 20 resistance, next 10 minutes at 15, 10 minutes at 10, 10 minutes at 5 and 5 minutes at 0. I had salad with stuffed salmon for din. Sorry, no pics.

Today for lunch I actually decided to go out with my coworkers. We went to Cowtown Diner. It was my first time going and I love this place!

Cowtown Diner

It’s located in downtown Funky Town (Fort WOrth). IT so neat inside. IT’s set up like an old time diner, but with a modern feel.

(another unsuccessful pic upload here)

I, of course, had to order calamari to start.


I also ordered a Louie salad. It had marinated olives, hearts of palm, cukes, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, blackened shrimp and 1000 island dressing on the side.

Holy yumballlz!

Oh, and a deviled egg.

(mother effin pic wont upload! AHHHHH!)

While we were gettin our grub on, the wait staff came out of the back ringing cowbells (more cowbell!) and hootin and a holerin like no ones business. We figured it had to be a birthday, but OHHHHH NOOOOO…we could not have been more wrong! THis waitress comes traipsin’ along with a chicken fried steak the size of  small child! It was HUGE! I’m talkin like atleast the size of a XL pizza. Aparantly it’s one of those “if you eat it this in an hour you get it free” deals. Our waiter said it’s never been done. lol. It’s called the “Full of Bull” and apparantly is the worlds largest chicken fried steak.Here’s the low down on the monsrosity that is Chicken Fried Steak…apparantly it’s 4 pounds of meat, battered and deep fried. It ends up being like 9 or 10 lbs by the time it’s over and fried up and done. YOu also have to eat the 2lbs of mashed tators and gravy and 8 slices of Texas toast that come along side. Talk about crazy ass shiz! Here is the lucky dude who decided to stretch his gut out to the size of planet earth.

Good luck dude!

By the time we were leaving he had lost the fork and was going full force eating with just his hands. EEEEW.

I plan on getting in a really good workout tonight. Since it’s Cinco De Mayo, I also plan on celebrating with a few frosty cervezas! Yall have fun!!


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