Post Yankee Post

Hehe…This will more than likely be my last post before I depart to Yankee world!!!! Yippee skippee!!!! I’m so excited. I have thrown a huge pile of clothes, etc in my humongo NYC suitcase (hubs said I needed a private jet just to get my bag to NY). I will be sorting through it tonight and making my final decisions. SOunds like a casting call. lol. I really want to take some cute lil dresses (I love dresses, they are so comfy!) and comfy boots to wear with them. I hope it’s not too chilly for that. Oh well, we will see.

Yesterday was typical junk food/burrito Tuesday here at the offie. Check out all the freakin goods, or bads. lol

A junk food junkies heaven.

And more…

Donuts, cookies, kolaches...OH MY!

and even more….

MMmmmmm...carrot cake.

And finally, some semi-healthy stuff. Minus the moon pies.

I spy....fruit!

Really, you gotta conjure up some serious self-control to work here. Other wise we would all weigh 500lbs. Luckily my willpower stepped up and I opted for some fruit and yogurt dip.

Dear willpower....thank you. Amen.

Aside from that mess of options, I had my same ol soup for lunch. I have to confes, my mind has been on nothing other than getting my shiz together for NYC the last couple days. I have so much to do!

When I got home I was all about cardio, since I had a full body workout on Monday at Body Pump. I did 30 minutes on 20 resistance, then 10 minutes on 15, 5 on 10, 5 on 5 and 5 on 0. 55 minutes total.

While I was up there gettin sweaty, I was marinating some swordfish steaks I had thawed over night. They were marinating in soy sauce with sessame seeds.


I’ve never made swordfish, so to be honest, I had no clue what to do with it. But I figured, hey, it’s fish, can’t go wrong with grillin it.

What’s your fave fish/seafood? I think my fave fish is mahi mahi, but I’m a huge fan of pretty much all seafood.

SO that’s what I did. I also marinated some broccoli in soy and sesame seeds to throw on the grill too.

Soakin in the soy.

And remember those greens my coworker brought me from her garden….well it was high time I put those babies to use.

In the salad spinner.

I washed the chard and radishes too. I used a couple radishes in my salad last night and I am going to saute up the chard tonight.

Chard and radishes!

I just LOVE homegrown veggies! Thank you again Laura! Hopefully she will keep them coming. She said she has more than she will ever be able to eat herself. YAY!

I used the green salad mix for a side salad with a few radishes, feta, mushrooms and light sesame ginger dressing.


I grilled the swordfish steaks on the foreman, not knowing exactly how long I needed to, but they turned out delightful! THenI threw my broccoli and the lat of my mushrooms on and let them sizzle up.

Grilled swordfish, broccoli and shrooms.

It was really good. I was quite proud of myself. hehe.

Ok, now off to finish my work duties and try and think of all the last minute things I’ve got to get done before I leave tamale!

Does anyone have any really good travel tips to share??? If I had to give just one, it would be to make 2 photocopies (front and back) of your DL/ID, credit cards you are taking, insurance cards, etc. and keep one copy with you in your bag and one copy at home. This is in case you loose your purse/wallet or you get mugged. (I hope that never happens) That way you can call and cancel all of your credit cards immediately! I do this every trip I’ve take and luckily I haven’t had to resort to my copies!!! I also always take a poncho. YOu never know when you will need it! I have had to use that one before.

I will miss yall! I’ll be back with lotsa crazy pics and stories to share next week!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erica
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 15:29:06

    Good luck with the packing!! I can’t believe how many goodies people bring in at your work! Great job on dinner.


  2. Learning to be Less
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 00:46:30

    Dude. You ate a salad full of red rockets? What’s up with that?

    NYC?!?!?! I am jealous. LIVE IT UP!!! Don’t forget to take a breakfast cookie!


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