Body Pump 73 Launch & NYC Bound!

Yippeee!!! 2 more days till NYC! THe NFL draft is also taking place while we are there…hope we see some tight football booties 😉

Last Night was our Body Pump 73 New Release Party at my gym, Lady Of America. Here are the girls before our big performance.

Back row: Me, Alyssa and Margarita, Front row: Colleen, Bernie and Christy

And here is me tryin to look snazzy before we start. I’ve got major bags kickin under my eyes.

Poofy bangs

The “must have” Colleen shot…

Our 3rd launch!

And veteran Body Pumpers, the originals, Christy and Bernadette.

We got this...

I gave Christy my camera to try and get some acrion shots while we were pumping it up. Here are a few..(mostly of me, hehe)

Gettine ready to rock out to Black Eyed Peas's on chest track (well, atleast it's a BEP song)

Margarita pumping it up…

I gotta feelinggg...wooohoooo...

And then on to back track.

Clean and Press anyone???

Ok, how about knees and squeeze???

Knees and squeeze is what we call a deadrow. hehe

And finally the wonderful shoulder track…Pushups, and lots of them.

I'm not showing my face, b/c you def don't wanna see it when I'm doing pushups.

We had a good turn out and overall I think it went well. It is a fun fun release. And it seems like they just keep on getting tougher.

After we were done, I came on home so I could get started on laundry for NYC. I’m still panicking over what to pack. There are so many things I want to look cute for while we are there, but also wanna be comfortable. Ugh. I need like 3 suitcases! No way! While my clothes were in the laundry, I jumped onthe elliptical for a quick 30 minutes of light cardio.

Hubs had picked up takeout from Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse. YUMMM!

Texas Road House

He didn’t even ask what I wanted, but he did really good at picking it out. Salmon! Yummm! Good job!

Salmon with baked potato and shrimp.

It was delish! The only sad part was my sourcream I had in the fridge  was expired. Booo. Oh well, didn’t keep me from eating it!

I stayed up a lil longer on the puter then hit the hay. I’ve got lots of sorting and cramming into suitcases in my future. our flight leaves at 8am Thursday! So excited!

Any readers ever been to NYC?? Any “must-do” attractions? Advice????

Let me know what you think!


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