Birthdays And FW Zoo Race Recap

(NOTE: I started this post Saturday and just finidhed this morning so that’s why my days are all jacked, sorry)

Hey hey hey! No, not my birthday…Christy’s bday! A fellow Body Pump Instructor. We went out to dinner (huge dinner party…40 peeps!) last night. I also was successful at draggin my ass outa bed and hightailin it to Funky Town (Fort Worth) this morning to participate in the FW Zoo Race. My 2nd 5K in over a year, and my first was last weekend! I must be outa my mind. Anywho, we will get to that in just a bit. First things first. Lunch yesterday. I tried my other Imagine Bistro soup, Sweet Potato.

Sweet Tator

It was low sodium, but considering the amount of salt I added, I’m sure made I up more than enough for that lil title. With a lil crack salsa and lowfat mozza, I had my meal.

Soup again!

It ended up being pretty good. Later in the day I tried my Green SuperFood bar.


I had only intended on eating half, but, ummm, yeah, I ate it all.


I ended up doing about 45 minutes on the elliptical when I got home. I didn’t want to be tired for my race this morning, so I kept it pretty innocent 😉

I met Colleen at Abuelo’s for Christy’s birthday dinner at 8pm. I was only planning on staying an hour so I could get home and get some rest, but dangsky, we had a full house! There was 40 peeps there! Crazy. Made for a lil slow service , but we had fun, none the less.

Birthday girl!

I ended up only having 1 Corona throughout the night.


And, duh, chips and hot sauce!

My weakness

Colleen and I also shared some guacamole but I didn’t get to snap a pic because I inhaled it so fast! lol. Look who else showed up…fellow bloggy friend (and gym rat, hehe), Dennille!

Colleen and Dennille

And other Pump instructors….sad, I didn’t get a pic of Bernie. She was there though!

Me, Margarita and Colleen...Pump it UP!

And lastly…me and my date, Colleen. lol

Pump sisters!

I ended up getting home a little after 10pm and went straight to bed. Set my alarm for 6am, but slept like shadooby. I ended up getting up when my alarm went off (shocker!) and got ready to head to the pre-race registration. I actually slept in my sports bra and shorts hoping it would MAKE me get up. lol. Guess it worked.

I packed all  the neccesities the night before. The forecast called for rain so I packed an entire extra outfit in case I was soaked afterward, plus a towel and everything else.

All my shiz.

I also had my new Nike arm thingy that I picked up at Academy.

I heart new workout gear!

I ended up getting to the zoo a lil after 7am. Registration started at 6am (because the 10K started at 7am) and by the time I got to the table to turn in my form, they were outa shirts already. DOOODOOOO. I figured I’d atleast get a measly shirt, but no, I paid $30 to have them tell me how bad I suck at running. Hehe. Here’s  my bib.

WHOA! Look at the 3's. Kelly would pass out! lol

You can read more about Kelly’s dislike for the number 3 here…

I’m going to rate this race a 2 outa 5 stars. And I’m only doing that becasue I did see one elephant. lol. I really don’t like talking bad about any race, but to be completely honest, well, I have to put it all out there. I’ll start with the plus side. Parking was free and for it being partially in the zoo, it wasn’t all that smelly. There, that’s all the good points I have. lol. Sorry race coordinators.

Here are the reasons I was not impressed. The grounds were muddy (I know they can’t control acts of God, but seriously), no shirts (which, yes, I know, there is no garauntee if registering race day, but I’mm still saying), no food or drinks pre-race and the entire first mile was spent dodging the 5K walkers on the narrow zoo trail we were attempting to run on. Dodging peeps takes a lot of energy outa ya. I would say 50% of the 5K’ers were walking, which is fine, but please be courteous to the runners, and stay to the side. If you are running this race to improve  your time, I wouldn’t waist my time. It was probably different for the 10K though. I doubt there was much dodging going on in that one.  After I was done, there was only tiny lil cups of water, which I immediatley grabbed 4 of. If you wanted any type of food, or bottled drink, you had to wait in the one and only mile long line that was at the one and only food/drink tent. Hello…no. Here are some boring pics.


10Kers at the finish line.

They did open the food/drink tent after the 10K, but good luck getting through the line before the 5K started. It started to rain after the 10K, so I took my camera back to my car. Luckily it stopped before the 5K started.

 The course itself was good, that is, after you get through the narrow zoo walkways. After that it opened up to roadways. There were some pretty steap inclines, which I’m proud to say, I never walked once. My calves are killing me though! The rest was pretty flat with a couple of downhills. I ended up doing about the same as last weekend, which I’m fine with. I honestly believe I could have easily shaved 30 to 45 seconds off if I werent hip hopping around peeps. But that’s all a part of it. My official chip time was 33:50. I finished in the top 3rd percentile of my age group. Yay me! lol I was 49 outa 150 peeps. As far as how I felt goes, again, my legs could have kept on going. Its amazing to me! But….I have got to get a grip on my breathing patterns. I get all outa whack and that is keeping me from really running to my potential.

Any breathing techniques or secrets that anyone could share? I’ve read so much about it, but it all goes out the window when I take  off. I try, but, its hard.

Here is my post race hot mess sweaty photo.

WOW! I look cross-eyed. sheesh.

So in review….run the 10K for time, do the 5K for a fun run or walk.

Afterward, I headed home, but not before stopping by Tarjay (Target). I picked up a energy bagel bar and got to eat half of it, before my dog devoured it when I turned  my back.


And rehydrated myself with a nice refreshing Bud Light. lol

Hit the spot!

Tried to take a nap because me and hubs had a fancy dinner planned. Will post that next. Hope everyones weekend is going grand!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 14:26:23

    Awesome run girl! And yes…I would DIED had that been my bib number! haha! But at least 3’s don’t seem to be a problem for you! 🙂

    As for breathing…try to breath in through you nose and out through your mouth. It is hard but it is the most effective way to get maximum air into your lungs and it helps prevent breathing cramps! 🙂


    • Heather @ For The Health Of It!
      Apr 18, 2010 @ 14:29:01

      I actually like the #3! lol. It was in my previous race # too. Can you believe I’ve run 2 races ( be it only 5K’s) in 2 weeks. I’m a new person!


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