Leafy Greens & Shrooms

No, no, no…don’t let your mind go South. lol. Not those kinda leafy greens and shrooms, lol. These kinda leafy greens…

Rainbow chard and kale

That was on the menu last night! Yumm!

Backing up to lunch tho, SURPRISE, it was soup! It was chedder broccoli soup with crack salsa and a giant cup of ice water.


We are having another catered lunch at our office today. It’s going to be from Hard 8 BBQ. This is an awesome BBQ joint. If you ever make it to Stephenville, TX, (side note: Stephenville is home to Jewel and her hubby, Ty Murray) be sure to stop in. They grill your choice of meat right in front of you. THeir pork chops are literally 3 inches thick. Unfortunate for me, I no longer do the meat thang. lol. Oh well, I’m sure there will be plenty of other side options available, and I’m completely happy with that.

Does your work have catered lunches often? As you can see, mine DOES!!!

I didn’t end up getting home till almost 7pm last night! Ugh, hate that. I had to get a workout in though and I needed to do some Body Pump practice too. I headed upstairs and knocked out a 40 minute elliptical session. 15 minutes on 20 resistance, 20 minutes on 15 resistance, 5 minutes on 10 and 5 minutes on 5. Then I practiced my Pump tracks, warmup and chest (it’s a KILLER!!!).

By then it was almost 8pm! Dangsky! I hopped in the shower then got to cooking. I first sauteed some onion and garlic.

Step one

Then added in my greens…rainbow chard and kale.


It didn’t take long for these green babies to wilt and cook to perfection! After they were done, I removed fromthe skillet and added in some mushrooms (that needed to be used) and some crab meat to let sizzle for just a few minutes.

Being resourceful...

Yummm….it tasted wonderful.

Greens and shrooms..and crab.

I sat down and tried to watch Glee, but had puter distractions and nonsense, so I will probably have to rewatch the 2nd half.

Are there any other Gleeks out there?????

Guess what?!?!? My wonderful coworker just brought me a big bag of greens and radishes from her garden! YIPPEEEE!!!!

More greens!!!

More chard!!!

Chardy, chard, chard

Spring mix!!!

Mixy, mix, mix

THANK YOU LAURA!!!!! Oh how I wish I could have a garden. I attempted one a few summers ago, but I’m no green thumb…plus, my backyard is teensy. Not great garden material. I would love to try a bucket garden or something though. It’s amazing how much $$$$ you can save! Plus, homegrown veggies just taste so much better.

Anyone have a garden??? What all do you grow? I’M JEALOUS!


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