Fitness Expo+Whole Foodies=Beat Up Bank Account But Happy Me!

What! What!!!!Ok, so I’m finally delivering on my Saturday post…since it’s Monday and I already posted my Sunday nonsense, I’lll try and just get to the point. Fitness Expo, WHole Foodies…you get the idea. Lotsa shopping and a happy Heather!

I headed to the Cowboy Stadium to pick up my race packet for SUndays run and see what was hoppin at the fitness expo.

Cowboys Stadium

As you know now, this was were the race I participated in took place. Super cool. I’ve been here several times and only live like 1 minutes from it! BONUS! I was here to pick up my race bib and everything else, plus scope out ws the Fitness Expo had to offer.

Retail Therapy!!!!

Hmmmmm….I controlled myself long enough to head upstairs and grab my race packet, but then I was back inthe game. lol. Here is me tryin to be cool..

Not so cool.

Here are some freebies I picked up at the expo.

I heart freebies!

I can always use an extra coozie or two 😉

And here is my race shirt and bib. I really like this shirt.

America's Run 2010

I ended up scorin some super deals. But my fave by far was the Power Balance band. You MUST check out the website, and I swear it works on me. I don’t know if it’s menatal or what, but I BELIEVE. lol. Check it out. Pretty darn awesome!


I also got the following…

UT Nike sports bra for $10! Holla! ANd some energy chews.

Suoer cute Crown Jewel shirt!

Never heard of this brand, but the original price was $48, and I got it for $10, so I said, DEAL! I also snagged these Calvin Klein running/workout capris for $25, original $50.

Like I need another pair of workout capris.

I ended up getting outa there for under $60. Thart was really good in my opinion, but it doesn’t make up for what came next….WHOLE FOODS! dum, dum, dum………my bank account hates me.

I went willy nilly and just got whatever my heart desired while I was there, here is a sneak peek.

I'm trying to be safe with the small basket...

Picked up a copy of Fort Worth Foodie for reads later.

Umm, yeah, I don't think it's winter anymore, and it's def not 2009. Oh well.

I decided to pick up some seaweed snacks because I have been hearing wonderful things about it’s health benefits. You can read more about seaweed here.

Roasted Seaweed snacks


Yummm, I really liked the Sea’s gift roasted seaweed snack, I also got the sweet seaweed snack and tried them yesterday. They were good too. I also picked up this Yama Moto Yama terryaki version. 

Terryaki seaweed snacks

These came in individual lil packs, and a lot more of them than the other pack I got. They were just as tasty! Yay, new fave snack!

Now to run through some of  my other goodies.

Rainbow chard...couldn't resist the pretty colors!

I’ve got to find a recipe to use this in.

Lots going on here.

~Massive amounts of olives

~Chobani, pomegranite and pineapple

~Ginormous block of Feta

~Virgin coconut oil (never used this, but have been wanting to try it)

~Green Superfood bar (also, never tried, but have been wanting to)

~More Sea’s Gift seaweed snacks

~Imagine Foods soups, Morrocan Chickpea and Sweet Potato


Synergy Kombucha in Strawberry Serenity, Trilogy and Mystic Mango. They were on sale 🙂

More foodies

~House Foods shirataki tofu noodles

~Larabars, coconut cream pi and peanut butter and jelly

~Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful (can you say FOODGASM!!!!!)

~Better’n Peanut Butter, chocolate flavor (never had it, but said “what the hell”)

Mock Buffalo Chicken Salad

Pricey lil fellow.

 Soooo, that was my big spending spree Saturday! Exciting stuff,  huh?!? I thought so.

I woke up Monday really sore! My legs aren’t used to pounding pavement like that! When I got home from work I just wanted to stretch all the soreness out, but I don’t think that was possible in one session. I did try though. I did alot of stretching, then a cool easy 45 onthe elliptical, zero resistance.

Not really hungry again, so bizarre, I grabbed what was left of my spring mix and threw together a salad.

Spring mix, onion, mushrooms, lowfat mozza, parm and light balsamic

I threw these Gardein Garden Protein meat-free Santa  fe Good Stuff “chicken” cutlets in the microwave.


These are new to grocery stores and I was pleased with the flavor. I picked up a few more and will try in the future.

Well, not that I’ve bombarded you with all of my useless weekend activities, I’ll leave you alone. Have a good one!


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