I’ma Tell You Bout My Friday.

It was actually pretty good. I mean, anything would be good compared to my Thursday, right?!? Normally I would just cram all my weekend events into onepost, but U had a really good day so far today with lots of pics and such, so I wanted to have a totally seperate post for that. WOWSY. I’m gettin my blog on!

Yesterday we had a catered lunch to celebrate the opening of our new office…yay, woohoo, do you feel my sarcasm. One of our vendors held a fish fry!

Deidra, Stephanie (my sis-in-law) and me waiting in line to get our fish fry on!

I have to say, when they put on a fish fry, they do it up right. Everything looked delish! Here’s my plate, that yes, is overflowing. I couldn’t help it. Everything was calling my name!

Yummmm Yummmmmmm

I had hushpuppies (YUMMM!), a few seasoned fries, fried catfish, YUMBALL beans, some cheesy pasta type salad that was really good. Can you please add a quadruple bypass to my plate. Dangsky! Never seen so much fried goodness (that’s a lie).

And dessert was a piece of strawberry margarita pie.

and there's a half eaten chocolste chip cookie hiding behind there. hehe

Here’s a couple of the goobers I work with my coworkers enjoying free food.

Scottie and Roscoe. Yes, his name is really Roscoe. Yes, we are from the country.

Once I got home, I couldn’t resist it, I had to lounge outside on the hammock with Ms Chelsea for a bit. Once back inside I hit my workout room.30 minutes, 20 resistance on the elliptical, then Body Pump lunge track with 20lb barbell, then another 30 minutes on the elliptical starting at 15 resistance and making my way down to zero at the last 3 minutes. It was a sweaty workout!

Din Din was veggieliscious! I started by halfing my sprouts and adding some onion slices and letting em soak up some low sodium soy sauce for a bit.

Soy sauce bath

While those were gettin saucy I chomped on some of my fave Napa Valley Bistro garlic stuffed olives.


I grilled up the last of my asparagus too.

Bye bye my dear green friends.

While my sprouts were in the oven cookin away, I threw a bag of broccoli and carrots on to stir fry.

Perdy orange and green.

THen added in a lil soy sauce, cooking spray and shrooms!


After all was said and done, here is how it ended.


Okay, so that was my Friday, but stick around cuz I gotta good one coming up in a lil…fitness expo goods and lotsa Whole Foodie buys! Atleast I’m excited!


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