Atleast The Pedi & Chelsea Helped…

Hey bloggy mcblogtards, sorry no post yesterday. I had the day off and, well, lets just say, some people really know how to ruin a perfectlyplanned out wonderful day. No details on that subject, but sheesh!

I had my whole day planned, oil change, gym, deramatologist, pedi, tan, haircut, gym. Didn’t quite work out that way.I did manage to get my oil changed, did not make it to the gym, did get to the doctor got pedi and haircut, tanned and still no gym time later either. Oh, but I managed to purchse two new cute sundresses though.

Thank goodness for pedicures! That was my only saving grace yesterday. It really helped put me in a better mood.

Perdy toes...ok, well maybe not perdi, but freshly painted.

ANd having lil Asian ladies scrub my feet till I can’t control myself and burst into hysterical giggles isn’t bad either.

After getting my weave whacked I headed home and decided to just chill on my hammock with my BFF…

Ignore the scraggly BOA towel.

And my BFF…

Miss Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang!

I laid out relaxing for a bit, laughing to myself, well, my doggies could hear me,  at the crazy shenanigans Miss Chelsea entertains me with. here are some random pics for your viewing pleasure.

Any other Chelsea fans out there???

My toes again.

Twix, aka, shadooby chewbacca, killer, glitter shitter the gay ponydoodle.

Licorice, aka, super duper genius super Licky.

Yes, those two ginormo fur babies sleep in my bed snuggled up to me everynight. Don’t judge people. Twix/Killer will eat your face off.

Now here is my piss poor excuse for any ype of physical activity I did yesterday. A big whopping 30 minutes on the elliptical, zero resistance. That’s right. I was so mentally and physicall drained from the day I had, I was doing good just to drag my butt up the stairs and crawl on the thing.

I was completely pooped and hadn’t really eaten much of anything all day. I was just wanting to go to bed. But instead I whipped up a fantabulous meal. Roasted sprouts and BBQ tofu. Yumm. I scored some excellent deals at the grocery store.

JACKPOT!!!! Sprouts for din din.

I halved my sprouts and let them soak in a light soy sauce for a bit, while my tofu was sittin in a bath of BBQ sauce. Put them in the oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes, flip then an additional 10 minutes.

Oven time!

ANd the final masterpiece…

Tofu and sprouts!

I must say,  my sprouts came out perfect! Yumm! I forced my self to eat all of it. Hehe.

I also picked up this gem at Ross.

Micra Mist 2000...ooohhhh awwwwww

I’ve had my eye out for one of these for a while now and got lucky to find one at Ross. $7.99, can’t beat that!

Well, that concludes my day off gone bad, then gone aight again with a little help from a pedi and Miss Chelsea. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Nicci
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 15:44:00

    I always have to do my own pedis then go and get my nails done. Having my feet touched is torture, I cringe b/c I’m so ticklish. lol You definitely had a great dinner last night too.


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