It’s me! Didn’t really think I would get a chance to get to you today, but here I am! WE’ve got everything moved in our new office, just now trying to situate. Kinda hard when you’ve got 20 something boxes and are being placed in a cube. Four years of accumulating files and God knows what else in an office and then changing to a cube…don’t quite work that well. Oh well, it will work. I’m done with unpacking for today though. Blah!

Do you have an office or a cubicle?

This will take some time getting use to, but I’ll be fine.

I have the America’s Run 5K on Sunday (not even ready, didn’t even get a chip timer, don’t wanna know my time. lol this is just for fun) and supposedly there is a big fitness expo going on all day Friday, Saturday and SUnday. I will definately have to make it over to that on Saturday!

America's RUn 2010

I have to teach Pump on Sunday after the race so that should be a good workout day!

Yesterday when I got home I had no cluse what kind of workout I was inthe mood for. I need weights, but couldn’t make it to Body Pump, so I just did a mix of cardio and weights at home for about an hour. 

For din din I had those roasted veggies from Sunday that needed to be eaten,  plus I had a package of this Westsoy Vegetarian Stir Fry Strips I wanted to try out.

Stir Fry Strips

So, what else…a stir fry, kinda. I first added the strips to my skillet with cooking spray…

Looks like meat, for realz.

Then added in my grilled veggies, just long enough to heat through. I also added in some terryaki sauce.


After I turned off the heat, I added what was left from my bag of spinach to wilt in with all the other goodies.


I had made a bag of southwest blend rice and veggies to eat with it, but actually ended up not eating it. There was pineapple in it and it just wasn’t jiving with my stirfry.

Time to eat!

So here I am, in my new, clean, cozy cube….WOnder how long it will stay this way. Here is a pic of all the nutriciousness that I’ve consumed today.

Well balanced meal...NOT

Hey, I’m roughing it today. It’s tough round here when all your shiz is all over the place!

Yall have a great one. I’m off work tamale with a mile long to-do list. I will try and swing by though!

Tally HO!


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