A Lil Late

Sorry I’m running a lil behind today! No biggy, not too much exciting stuff to report anyway. I’ve been busy doing all my last minute packing to move to our new office tomorrow. Can you say NIGHTMARE!!!!! I am really not looking forward to this move, and not to mention. I have a million boxes and am being placed in a nice lil cubicle. Where will all my stuff go?!?!?

Bye, bye old office...with a door...etc.

I guess I just gotta smile and make the best of it. I’m blessed to have my job in the first place.

Yesterday I grabbed this Think Fruit Apple Noni Nourish barfor breakfast.

Apple Noni

It was pretty good. Reminded me of a Larabar, but had a few more ingredients.

Lunch was…..you guessed it, SOUP!!! When I got home from work I was needing a good upper body workout like no ones business. I didn’t end up getting a lot, but I got my cardio in. Hour on the elliptical and a couple of Body Pump upper body tracks.

I had purchased this monstrosity at the grocery store and decided I should go ahead and  use it.

Looks like a jungle.

It’s fennel, duh! I use to use fennel alot, but for some reason stopped buying it. Guess it was a phase.

Food phases, anyone???

I was going for a salad and had already decided to grill up some other veggies so I said, what the heck, i’ll throw this bad boy on there to join the party.

Asparagus, fennel and cauliflower!

Never had grilled cauliflower or fennel, so this was going to be crazy 🙂 I’m easily excited!

salad time

This salad had spring mix greens, grilled asparagus, fennel and cauliflower, mushrooms, cucumbers and lowfat mozza. Yummm! I think I like grilled cauliflower better than any other way now.

Today has been crazy at the office. Packing, packing and more packing. I finally have everything in boxes. Well, except for my computer, and that will be going in one shortly.

SInce it’s literally mass chaos round here, (okay, maybe not that bad) I decided to join my coworkers for lunch today. It was Mexican. YAY!!!! Same place as usual, Mi Familia.

YAY for Mexican!

Same chips and hot sauce as usual….yummmm.

And, yumballlllz same bean and cheese nachos as usual. Love them here.


It was delish, as always. I never get sick of Mexican. Could eat it everyday.

What the one thing you could eat everyday?

Tamale I maybe MIA due to the fact that it’s going to be a mad house at our new office. Blah!

I took off work on Thursday to take care of some stuff…oil change, weave whack, annual dermatology check up, etc. I’ll prolly be seein yall hotpockets then, if not sooner!


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