Lovely Weather, TMI & A Happy Easter!

OK, lets try t his again. It seriously frustrates me that I’m having to start all the way over. I had a really good blog coming together.

Oh well, life goes on. Ok. Here we go…

Happy Easter bloggies and blogettes! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday weekend! Nothing extra special here. A lotta bein super lazy and taking advantag of the perfect weather to lounge outside!

When I left you on Friday I had just made some breakfast. I was in the nood for eggs, but not my normal scrambled eggs.


You could call this a fried kinda egg, I guess. The yolk was extra runny. Yum! Alongside, Morningstar Farms veggies sausage(My fave!) and a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese. It was delish.

The rest of Friday was spent fartin around. I did manage to make it to the store and bought that hammock I’ve been eyeballing! AWWWW!!! I love it! I had no idea what I had been missing. If you don’t have one, I seriously suggest you go get one.

For lunch I was going to have some of my leftover veggie pasta bake, but there was a lil mishap. I had it on the counter, turned around for half a second, and the next thing you know, my dog has knocked it to the floor and was eating every bite. Damn dog! He’ll eat anything! So, I restorted to some more of my Phillips steamed shrimp.

Lunch time!

I didn’t even workout all day, becasue we werehaving Pump practice that night and I thought I would get a workout in then. I was wrong, we just talked about staging for our upcoming 73 launch. When I got home, I was needing a bit of a sweat session. Can’t go without doing something, right?!?

I jumped on the elliptical for 10 minutes, then hopped off and ran up and down my stairs 5 times as fast as I could…Repeat this 3 times and cool down with 5 minuteso nthe elliptical. Not much, but it was good and different. Those stairs really get your heart rate up!

For dinner, I just had a salad.

Leafy greens

This salad contained spinach, grilled brocolli and asparagus, onion, lowfat parm, hard boiled egg and buffalo tuna. mmmmm.

I had intended to get up and make it to the early Body Pump class on Saturday, but, ummm, yeah, that didn’t happen. I was sleeping like a baby! So good that I was grinding my teeth. Hubs had to wake me up. I knew I was doing it. It’s so weird, because I can be sleeping and still know I’m doing it. I’ve been grinding my teeth since I was a lil kid, but I go through phases. Totally wierd. I had it bad my Senior year in college and now just recently again.

Anyone a teeth grinder??? Suppose I should get one of those mouth guard thingys from my dentist.

Anywho, back to Saturday. I didn’t make it to pump, but I did manage to get to cycle class. I needed that. An extra sweaty hour of spinning! I headed home after that knowing exactly what I wanted to do for the evening…hammock time!


The weather was gorgeous so I wanted to spend some time relaxing on my new baby. I swear I could sleep outsid eon this thing! And hammock time is not complete with a drinky, right???

Heather Special

For those that don’t know, a Heather Special consists of cheap champagne and lime juice. It’s so refreshing! And to make it better, it was served in one of my many POM Wonderful reusable POM tea glasses!

Happy Heather

I was out here for almost 2 hours! But had to head in to shower and get ready for patio time! We were headed to eat at Matt’s in Cedar Hill and the weather was perfect for patio time! I love patio weather!!! ***WARNING: THE FOLLOWING PICTURES WERE TAKEN WITH MY CRACKBERRY! How in the world could I forget my camera?!?***


We had never been here, but it is awesome. THe menu had lots of choices for a pescatarian. But first we started with, duh! Chips and salsa.

My fave!

And queso…


ANd obviousley, what patio dinetime would be complete without a beer! Mexican of course!


For eatzi’s I got the stuffed zucchini. Yummm. Hubs got chicken fajitas.

Cheesy zucchini

Very nice!

I heart patio time!

The rest of the evening was spent watching Tyler Perry’s I can Do Bad All By Myself. Love me some Tyler Perry! Can’t wait to see Why Did I Get Married Too!

For some strange reason when I woke up on SUnday I decided to try out that Salt Water Flush (SWF) I had mentioned previously. I have no idea why I decided to do it on Easter Sunday, but I did. This ist the TMI section.

Here’s how it works. You dissolve 2 teaspoons of sea salt in 8 cups of warm water.

Salty devil

Now, you wouldn’t think that 2 teaspoons could do much damage to 8 cups of water, but I’m here to tell you, YES, it can! I mixed in lemon juice with the water so make it tolerable.

Down the hatch!

I admit, it took me a while to drink it all. THe first 4 cups were not toooo bad, but the last, yuck! I ended up choking it down.

And just llike all the websites said, within an hour, you’re running to the bathroom! Geez. I was trying to watch The Blind Side, but had to pause it every few minutes to make my sprint down the hall. After about 2 hours of this, you’re done. Thank goodness! HAHA. I’m not going in to details. I’ll just say it worked for me. May end up doing this once a month.

 A lil while later, when I felt it was safe to eat normal food, I had some suhi I had picked up. I don’t eat a lot of sushi, not that I don’t like it, just never go to sushi places.

Cali Roll

 I don’t know that you would neccesarily call a Cali roll sushi, but I do. It was yummy.

Who’s a sushi lover??? 

We headed to my brother in laws around 5 for family time. The infamous super dog, Aries, was there showing off again. hehe.

Smarty pants

This dog is amazing. I was not really hungry. but they did have a lot of awesome food. Lotsa Greek specialties. I packed some up to bring home. When we got back I decided to grill up some veggies for the week. I had picked up s few poblanos and wanted to try them out grilled.

Big pepper


All packed up!

I ended up falling asleep onthe couch and waking up about 1:30am to crawl in my bed. hehe. Hate when that happens.

Well, that was all about my weekend….I hope  you had a fantabulous one! Gotta get to packin my office again. Ugh.


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