A Salty Solution???

Hey my party people! It’s Thursday, but it’s actually my Friday! Heck yeah! Hmmm, what to do with a 3 day weekend. Maybe I can figure something out.

Who’s got BIG Easter plans?

Well, yesterday was nothing too exciting as far as food goes, but I plan on making that up to you tonight. I went and got all the fixings for Erica’s Asparagus Pasta Bake. Mine will be meatless. SO that will be my kitchen project for this evening!

I id enjoy my lunch yesterday…you guessed it. Soup! But it was different. This time it was Potato!

Tator soup!

Don’t you just love a picture of a big bowl of soup 🙂


I snacked on a few different things throughout the day, including this free sample I recieved from Kashi.

Dark Chocolate Coconut

I really enjoyed this. It came with a $1 off coupon, so I will be sure and pick some of these up the next time I’m at the store. I also snacked on some clementines, pickles and I tried this new Snapple Diet Peach Green Tea.


I was so stoked (yes, I said stoked) yesterday afternoon when I realized I was going to make it to Body Pump on time! Yippeee!!! Bernie was teaching! Colleen (fellow instructor) were both there and I must say, we got a good workout. I stayed heavy on the weights I had gone up on last week, plus I went up a little on back, to 25 lbs. After class I still felt like I needed some cardio, so I came home and jumped on the trusty elliptical for a cool 30 minutes. It equaled out to a good sweaty workout!

Here’s the crazy part…after I worked out, showered and got my PJ’s on, I just crawled in bed. Not hungry, even after a good workout. I relaxed in my bed and read the Groesbeck Journal (my hometown newspaper, lol) and an US Weekly. I felt nice to just sit back knowing I could dose off anytime I wanted. I did have a few pickles and olives…

Not much of a dinner, but what I wanted.

***This may be TMI coming up, but I don’t really think so***I’ve been thinking about and researching a lil on possibly trying a Salt Water Flush (SWF). It’s like a whole body cleanse, but it’s safe and can be done at home with things you already have in your kitchen. Now don’t go thinking I’m some crazy person who is trying to lose 10 lbs over night. That is not my purpose for wanting to try this.

I’ve just been feeling really icky lately, bloated and my skin has been breaking out…and it never does that (and don’t even suggest that I’m preggo…I can assure you, I AM NOT!). I just feel like I need to flush my system to try and rid what it is that is making me feel all whacky. The whole process is supposed to take less than 3 hours, doesn’t sound too bad, right? Eeeek!

What are your thoughts on cleanses…have you ever tried the SWF method? Are there any that you have tried and/or would reccomend?

I posted bout the one week cleanse I bought at the Health Food Store last week, but I haven’t tried it. It’s a week process and I hate taking ginormo pills, so I thought about trying this method first. I will keep you updated on what the outcome is, that is, if I even try it at all.

Some of the articles I’ve come across regardng the SWF method are quite comical…that is, if you’re into potty humor, which I have to admit, I am. I’m like a total dude. haha.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday (Friday)!


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