Veggie Kick!

What’s up what’s up, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up….OK, that is in a sing songy voice in my head. Sorry, doesn’t come across quite the same in writing. Happy Tuesday Bloggies! WOW! I know I’ve been saying this alot lately, but I am slammed at work! Holy schnikeys :0

Breakfast was a Nuts & Seeds Wholesome Foods Bakery FoodBar. Yummm.

Nutty and seedy. hehe

I’m down to my last FoodBar now, what will I do??? I guess I better get online and order some more!

Between emails and phone calls and a bazillion conference calls, I managed to squeeze in some soup for lunch. You’re so lucky, I am blessing you with a beautiful soup pic today.


This was a mixture of onion soup and veggie soup. It was pretty good.

Later in the afternoon, I had to head out to Burleson to drop off some paperwork, WHile driving I snacked on a couple of clementines. mmmm…I love these babies!

Clementine Cutie!

They are the perfect snack! Sweet with just a lil tart, so easy to peel and healthy!

I was going to take it easy on working out since I had a killer workout week last week. I really wanted to run outside since the weather was so perfect and I have a 5K coming up and haven’t actually ran outside in FOREVER! I know a 5K is nothing, and I’ve ran lots of them, but you see, when you just DO NOT ENJOY running, it’s not fun. I am not a runner people! I tried to make myself enjoy it, but finally accepted the fact that it is just not for me!

Am I the only blogger that just does not enjoy running??? Please tell me I’m not alone!

Ready to run....or not!

I got my ipod all loaded up with Body Pump music. I thought this would make me forget about running and do Pump in my head. lol. Yeah, I ran about 2 blocks and turned around and walked back home. How sad is that? But I just knew I was going to be miserable, so I decided to get my elliptical on.

I ended up doing an hour on the elliptical. First 30 minutes were at 20 resistance, 2nd half was no resistance. My legs were so tired for some reason. hmmmm…you think it coulda been from the 6 pump classes last week, all the elliptical time, cycle class and everything else? Maybe so.

I had already decided, in my mind, that I was going full force veggie tonight for din din. Those veggies I made on Sunday were so good, I wanted more! I chopped some zucchini, broccoli and onion and added some snow peas and carrots to my pan to get to sizzle’n.


Same routine as last night…sprayed with cooking spray, just a tad EVOO, soy sauce and sesame oil. While those were gettin their sizzle on, I threw some asparagus on the Foreman to grill up. I have been craving asparagus lately!

Grillin', Grillin'.

I think this is my new fave way to prepare asparagus!

I added some edamame and mushrooms to my veggie mix and let it all cook up.

Almost done....

Hubs had a few shrimp leftover from his din din so I tossed those in as well.


 I ended up eating the asparagus before I could even get it on the plate. hehe.


Holy schmolly it was good and exactly what I was craving! The rest of the night was spent watching the tube and farting around on the internets.

Okie dokie, I gotta get to workin my fingers to the bone. See yall on the flip floppy!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erica
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 16:28:52

    How jammin are those wholesome food bakery bars? Love them! I am ordering some for my sister in law for her finals package. I know she will love them too. Great dinner too. I had a veggie filled meal last night as well. Asparagus is AMAZING (I made up an asparagus pasta bake too- recipe to be posted tomorrow). I ❤ running…I know! I never thought I would but the more I do it…the more I love it! Hope you're having a fabulous week


  2. Kelly
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 19:02:54

    Hey honey!! Not like running…WHAT?!?! haha…totally kidding! If you don’t like running then amen for admtting it! haha! I sometimes feel like people get so caught up in running because they feel like they should! That is just crap! Find the activity that you love and you will not only enjoy working out more but you will be a lot more apt to stick with it! 🙂


  3. Learning to be Less
    Mar 30, 2010 @ 23:14:31

    Running is challenging that is why I like it. It can be boring but not as much so as the elliptical (I like to be outside). Mmmmmm…veggies. Looks awesome. Do you not eat many carbs?


    • hrmeredith1
      Mar 31, 2010 @ 13:55:09

      YES I eat carbs, just try not to eat a whole lot of them, atleast the processed white stuff. I usually don’t cook much w/them unless its like whole grains, beans, oats, etc. mmmmmmm, I love sugar! Have to control myself.


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