Whata (Workout) Week!

Happy Saturday yall! I’m completely pooped! I’ve had one hella workout week! Woohoo!!!! Body Pump on Monday, Wednesday, team taught Friday, taught today and am team teaching tamale! Plus, not to mention cycle, cardio, ab crunch challenge and my workouts at home! I haven’t been sore all week, but I can feel it slowly starting to set in…dum, dum, dummm.

Ok, Ok, let’s back it up to yesterday. I finally found some of the new Yoplait Greek Yogurt and decided to give it a go.

Another new yogurt!

It was ok…not as good as the Brown Cow on Thursday, but I still likey. I followed up with another Wholesome Food Bakery Tropical Nut Foodbar.

Yummm bar

This bar, was again, fantastic. I don’t think they make a bad one! I had the infamous soup for lunch again, and I decided to spare you from the fabulous soup  pic. You’re welcome.

After work I headed home to get all doodied up to team teach Pump with Colleen, Christy and Alyssa. We were so stinkin cute in our white Les Mills Halters. I wish I woulda taken pics! Again, stayed heavy on my weights. Why back down now, right???? It only gets better! We had pump launch 73 practice after class, so that was another light round of pump for Friday night. EXHUASTED!

I headed home to upload my music for class this morning. I had already taken out some tofu to press while I was in class.


I mixed up some soy sauce, terryaki sauce and ginger…yum, then poured over and let marinate.

Tofu in a soy/terryaki/ginger bath...

I had picked up some yellow squash and zucchini and wanted to grill it on the Foreman for a side.

Yellows and Greens

Nice price too!

Added some onions too.

I sprinkled the tofu with sesame seeds then shoved ’em in the oven at 375 degress for 15 minutes, flipped and baked for 10 more minutes.

Soy Ginger Tofu and grilled veggies!

It was very delish! I had been craving tofu all week! Finally got my fix! Yippeeee! I was so exhausted though, as soon as I ate I was ready for beddy! Had to get up early to teach Pump this morn and the St. Jude Ab Crunch Challenge!

I heart free tshirts!

We had an awesome turnout! We ended up raising over $2000! Thanks for all who attended! Thanks to everyone who donated  for  me! I raised $270! Look who showed up for Christy’s cardio class…Dennille! DUH!

Strike a pose!

Also scored some other goodies…Snickers Marathon Nutrition bars.

More goodies!

To say we were all hot sweaty messes would be an understatment. We had some astounding workouts this morning! What a way to start a weekend!

Aighty! I’m restin my bootay before I team teach tamale! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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