So “Meaty”

Can you believe it’s Friday?!? I cannot believe this week has just flown by. I’m glad, but it is a lil nutty. I’ve got a ton of stuff to accomplish at work today, then a busy night of team teaching Body Pump with Christy and Colleen tonight, then Pump practice, then teaching Pump again tamale morning along with the ab crunch challenge. Whew! Busy Pump weekend!

What are your weekend plans? Aside from all of that, I’ve really got nothin.

Yesterday for breakfast I tried this Brown Cow Greek Yogurt. I had never seen the Brown Cow brand of Greek Yogurt.

Mooooo mooooo

It was pretty good. I do love my Greek Yogurt, so any brand will suit me. It wasn’t as thick of some other brands, but still good. I also had a Wholesome Foods Bakery Cranberry Apricot FoodBar. Thanks again Elizabeth!

Holy Yumballz!

Wow! These bars are delish! Everything is so fresh and natural. No proccessed flavor AT ALL! It truly is wonderful.

Cranberry Apricot

I was super busy at work. Had a mile long list of things that needed to be done, not to mention I needed to be in about 10 different counties at once, plus still be at my desk in case anyone needed something from me there at the office. I was busier that a one-toothed man in a corn-on the cob eating contest. hehe


After my hard core workout from Wednesday, I decided to go light Thursday. I did 45 minutes on the elliptical with no resistance then practiced my body pump tracks I’m teaching tonight. Atleast it was something.

For eatzi’s I had some Wholly Guacamole and black bean salsa that needed to be used, so I figured, what else…Taco Salad, Baby!

I grabbed a package of  Yves…if you please Meatless Ground outa the freezer and set it out to thaw.

So "meaty".

First time trying this brand. It’s a keeper! I sauteed some onion, a jalapeno, garlic and some chopped carrots in a skillet…


Then added in cilatro and mushrooms.


One of my go-to products since going meatless is Colgin liquid smoke. It gives your food that grilley, smoky flavor that you would normally get from a meat product…did that make sense? Oh well, I put some in there.


Then added my “meat”, along with a lil sprinkle of taco seasoning and Louisianna hot sauce.

Taco time!

I have to say, this was really good. It truly tasted like real taco meat. It was perfect for my Taco salad.


There was a bunch of spinach under all that other goodness, I promise!

Okie dokie peeps, I gotsta get to crackalackin on my work and stuff. I’ll be back hopefully tamale after Body Pump and the Ab Crunch Challenge!

Happy Friday!


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