Are You Ready…

For a long ass blog??? hehe. Sorry I left you hangin’ yesterday! You can wipe away your tears now, I’m back 😉 Busy, busy at work and at home! I’m making my to-do list and checking it twice! So much going on and on top of all that, we are moving offices in a week and I haven’t packed anything! I’m a procrastinator…will I ever learn?

Who else out there procastinates…come on, spill it!

So, to back up to Tuesday, dangsky, Tuesday, that seems so far gone. Some vendors had brought in a bunch of junk food, cookies, etc, but were also nice enough to bring some fruit too. How sweet. So that was breakfast.

Can't beat free breakfast!

 I actually took a picture of my soup at work, which you know was my lunch.

Some kinda noodle soup w/crack salsa.

 My day was actulaly going pretty good, but ended not so great. When I got home, I was needing a good sweaty cardio session to try and blow off some steam. I’m usually not one to use excercise as a way to destress, but for some reason, that was the route I was taking on Tuesday.

Do you use excercise as a form of therapy? To destress?

I ended up banging out a good hour and 15 minutes on the elliptical. 50 minutes on 20 resistance, and slowly coming down the remaing time.

I was all excited to make some form of tofu for din, but after my day, I just wanted something farely quick. I went for an all microwave, well almost, din din. Ended up being a sort of stir fry thingy. Here is what I used.

Pre packaged savory asian blend. Brown rice, broccoli, peppers, baby corn, etc.

Morningstar Farms Meal Starters, Chik'n Strips.

Edamame, duh!

I also threw some fresh brocolli and onions on the foreman. I’m really becoming a fan of grilling veggies this way.

Microwave stirfry! Yumm.

Here’s the bad part. I know, and even thought about this before I made my food, that I always feel like crap after I eat most forms of chinese food. It must be the sodium, soy sauce, etc. But I can’t help it. I love it. SO, of course, I did feel like poo afterward.

Do any of you do that? Know that you will feel like crap, but still eat it anyway? I try not to do this often, but sometimes, I just give in. Then it reminds me for next time. Blah.

On to WEdnesday…it was safety meeting Wednesday, and you know what that means! Drive to BFE for a 5 minute meeting! Yay! Before the meeting, I had the usual safety meeting snack.

Chex Mix and a Coke nutritional!

Our safety meeting was over skin care, skin cancer prevention and safety. What a appropriate topic, seeing that I just admitted here that I am a self proclaimed tanning addict. But remember, I do have an annual dermo check up to be on the safe side.

Would anyone else admit that they tan? It’s almost a little embaressing to admit with all the bad rap. I’ve tried to quit, really. Intervention time…

As you know, we always have lunch catered for our meetings. Today was pizza and salad.

Black olive, and mixed veggie pizza and a salad.

After our meeting I stopped in this Health Food store I’ve been meaning to check out. I’ve been looking for Nutrional Yeast, but have had no luck, but I hit the jackpot here! NOW Nutritional Yeast Powder!


I also picked up this lil one week cleanse package. The lady that works there said it is a really good one. i figured for $4, I’d give it a shot.

Mega Cleanse...sounds skeery. lol

Oh, and lets not forget the Synergy Kombucha!


I had a MEGA WORKOUT DAY yesterday! I love that! I went to cycle, where I proceeded to be a super sweaty hot mess and loved every second of it!

Photo courtesy of crackberry.

Then headed on in to Body Pump where, OMG, it was a killer. Christy, Bernie and Colleen were team teaching, so we got a mix of all there instructing styles. Loves it! Oh my goodness though, I can’t believe I’m not sore today! I went up again on some of my weights (squats to 45lbs, shoulders still at 20lbs) again. The back, tricep and bicep tracks were CRAZY!

I was feeling pretty amazing after both of those classes. But still, when I got home, I didn’t feel like making anything super wowsy for din. I went with a variety of grilled veggies and some crab meat. I topped my broccoli with my nutritional yeast. Me likey.


But here is another exciting addition to my day! I had a package when I got home! YIPPEEE!!!! It was my Wholesome Foods Bakery  FoodBars from Elizabeth, aka The Dallas Celiac!

Wholesome Foods Bakery!

She even included a sweet lil note. Thanks Elizabeth!


I cannot wait to try these. I will def let you know the outcome. They look so yummy!

Ok, Ok, I know I’ve probably completely overwhelmed you with my long story of nonsense, so I will go now. I’ve TEN ASS LOADS of work not to mention everything outside of work to get ready for! Peace!


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  1. peanutbutterfingers
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 16:21:20

    oooh that pizza looks great! 🙂

    i also get SUPER sweaty after spinning. i leave the class completely drenched!


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