Monday Was A Good Day!

Wow, my Monday actually turned out to be quite productive. Mark this, because it will probably be the only time you will see me say this. I’m usually not a great Monday person. I have to have a day to ease back to work after the weekend, but yesterday was an exception. Yay!

Nothing super exciting for breakfast or lunch, you know me, pickles and soup.

I am the queen of all pickles.

Get creative here…imagine a cup of soup, just like the ones you always see on here, and that’s what I had for lunch. Sorry, not pic.

I already had decided that I was going to Christy’s Attack class at the gym last night, so that would be my workout. Lucky me…I actually got to make it to Body Pump (which is before Attack) instead. I really needed to get back to a Pump class. I went up on alot of my weights. Here is the rundown.

Warmup-20lb barbell

Squats-40lb barbell (i go back and forth between 40lbs and 35lbs)

Chest-20lb barbell

Back-25lb barbell (I go back and forth between 25lbs and 30lbs)

Triceps-25lb barbell (went up a lil from my normal 20lb. We did alot w/plats, so it allowed me to experiment w/a higher barbell weight)

Biceps-15lb barbell

Lunges-20lb, usually do 25, but we did the squat thingy where the bar rests on the front of your shoulders, so it was recommended we coem down a lil)

Shoulders-20lb barbell (up from my normal 15lb)

After Pump, I stuck around for about 15 minutes of Attack, then headed home where I proceeded to jump on the elliptical for another 30 minutes of hard resistance. I was like incrazy workout mode. I love it! On another side note, I saw Denille at ATTACK! She so crazy!

Do ever just wanna SWEAT?!?! That’s how I was last night! I love to get in a good sweaty workout!

I had one last lil head of romaine so I decided to grill it with two carrots.

Becoming a trend...

I only had 2 more carrots left, so I said, what the heck, lets get wild up in the kitchen, and threw those on to grill as well.

With some onions too.

I baked this Sea Cuisine cocunut crusted tilapia to go along with my romaine/carrot mix.

I heart tilapia!

These were really good! Here is the final presentation. Feel free to ooooo and awwwwww…

Romaine/carrot/onion mix with coconut crusted tilapia.

It was really good!

I tried watching Dancing With The Stars but just got bits and pieces.

Did anyone else watch? Any thoughts? I thought that ice skater dude did pretty good. Wish I’da seen Pam Anderson though.  Hot Mess City!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erica
    Mar 23, 2010 @ 17:51:50

    Hey girl! I ❤ pickles- aren't they so yummy? Great dinner too. We always go to this restaurant on hilton head island that does grilled romaine and it is SO SO good. Great workout. You know I lurve me some Attack!

    Pump launch was awesome! Get excited- it is SUCH an intense release to teach. At the launch I taught Warm up, Squats, Abs and Cooldown! Then I proceeded to teach the whole thing yesterday morning and again half last night (AH!). Yes- my body is not a big fan of me right now 😉


  2. thedallasceliac
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 00:11:33

    I’ve never had grilled romaine, but I love other grilled vegetables – need to try that one.

    Oh and I adore pickles. Glad you had a good Monday!


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