Grillin’ Machine

What’s up??? It’s Monday and that time change has definately taken its toll on me now. Blah!

I’ll just jump right in to last nights meal. I was in the mood for grilled veggies again. I could eat this everyday!

Tomatoes, zucchini, squash, jalapenos, asparagus, onion and green bell pepper.

I also picked up this herb packet so add in with the veggies. It really made a difference!

Fresh herbs

I cut up all my veggies (I left the asparagus whole) and added them to a bowl, sprayed with cooking spray, added a lil EVOO and minced garlic, salt and pepper then tossed to coat evenly.


I had to get hubs to turn on the grill, apparantly already had the gas on, but didn’t realize it so I thought something was wrong. ANywho, while that whole thing was going on I got some water boiling and added this seasoning along with half a lemon for my shrimpies.

Shrimpy seasonin'

 then add in the shrimpies.

Ready toi go for a steam bath.

It didn’t take long to grill the veggies, and they looked delish when they were done.

Tell me that don't look good...

 Add thse along side my scrimp, and this is what you get.

Pretty Plate

Oh, and alos some vino.


I finished the night by watching Desperate Housewives. Love that show. Couldn’t make it through Brothers and Sisters, so I wll have to do some catching up during the week. I hope everyone had a fantabulous Monday!


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