Chilly Willy

Happy Sunday! Well, maybe not so happy. It’s daylight savings! Ugh! We lose and hour, but you know what, I don’t really feel that bad. Feels kinda normal to me actually. Totally bizarre!

Is daylight savings taking a toll on you? Any crazy time change stories? Late to work, church, etc? I’ve totally been there.

Yesterday I noticed I had some bananas that were on the edge, so I decided to try out a long awaited recipe that I’ve been eye-balling. The Fitnessista Infamous Breakfast Cookie! here is what I used…

Breakfast cookie goods.

Unsweetened Almond Milk



Chocolate Protein Powder

I couldn’t remember the recipe, but now that I think about it, I think I was missing nutbutter. Oh well. I mixed this all up and it was looking a little thin, so I added more oats, protein powder and some pyllium husk powder to thicken it up.

Psyllium Husk Powder

I bet that peanut butter woulda done the trick. DUH, how could I have not thought of that? Oh well, I’ll know next time. I mixed this till blended then smoothed out on my cute lil apple plate, covered with platic wrap and stored away in the fridge overnight.

cookie monster

I had thawed out the last of my green monster experiment the night before so I had that for breakfast.

Green Monster

 I guess yesterday was my rest day, cuz I did nada workout. I spent the day looking at washers and dryers. I think I found one, but of course the ones I want are not available for next day delivery, due to popularity. hehe. THEY’RE RED front loaders! Yippee! Fancy!

Me and the hubs decided to to to Gloria’s Mexican Restaurant for din din.


You all know that Mexican is my favorite, and this place is awesome! IT has tons of options for my pescatarian ass and they have KILLER margaritas! I mean goood. I call them mind erasers 😉

Obviousley we had chips and salsa, and they also have a black bean dip they serve with the chips.

One of my FAVES!

ANd since we are eating Mexican, why not go ballz to the walls and get some ooey gooey cheesy queso!

Sorry, I may have gotten some black beans in there before I snapped the shot.

Now here comes the chilly willy part…me and the hubs, being the genius duo that we are, thought that sitting on the patio would be a good idea. We ALWAYS sit on the patio at Glorias and it had been a BEAUTIFUL day out, so we thought it would be cool….well, cool it was. Downright COLD! Ecspecially after on of these bad boys..

bbbrrrrr rita rabbit!

I was shivering, so the hubs trucked it all the way back to the car (which was a ways away) to see if he had any jackets or ANYTHING that would help, but we were outa luck. The wait was too long to sit inside, so we just tuffed it out. In the meantime, I requested some jalapenos in hopes to warm me up.

Yes, I will eat them by themselves. I have a stomach of steel.

Finally the meal arrives. There were so many things I could hardly decide, but I ended up going with the shrimp quesadillas.


These were excellent, even though I was only able to eat about 2 of them. I took the rest home. The hubs got combo fajitas.

Soooo meaty.

And of course I had another of these….

chilly willy

This rita was quickly transported inside to finish. We were done eating and the bill was paid, but I still had some takillya to suck down.

After din din we went home and watched a movie, Law Abiding Citizen. Pretty good. Very strange. But I love me some Gerard Butler. Even if he is a freakazoid in this movie. Hit the sack after that.

Of course I forgot to set my clock ahead for daylight savings. Oh well, no biggie. For breakfast I went for my breakfast cookie. cookie form. Who could argue with that!

It was OK, but I know next time to add the peanut butter!

Haven’t done too much today. I taught Body Pump at 2:30 and we had fun. I think I need to go up on my weights since changing up my routine. I can tell some are feeling lighter than normal 🙂  However, I know I will be sore tamale regardless. Mixing it up is really helping!

Watchin another movie now and waiting till it seems late enough to make din din. Time changes are weird.



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  1. Erica
    Mar 15, 2010 @ 20:03:15

    Hey girly! Yes- the nut butter totally makes the bfast cookie!! Love Mexican- its been too long since we’ve been for a good Mexican meal. Don’t worry- I’m sure once you start teaching that new release (especially the squats track) you’ll start to feel it again-YIKES!


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