Like I Promised…

Yippeee! I know you have been waiting on the edge of your seats blogtards! Finally I deliver! My long awaited Wednesday post. You can breathe now.

So, as you all know, it still stunk to high, dead decaying carcuss heaven on Wednesday. I spent the entire day w/my nose plugs in. Very lovely. So, when it came to eating, it was like, why even bother…I couldn’t taste anything. I still tried. I had broccoli chedder soup and a Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burger.

Ol' standby.

I had to run to Granbury, ok, maybe not run, I drove,  to do some research at the courthouse so I decided to stop in at Heflin’s Produce Market. It’s like a very mini farmers market and they usually carry my wasabi peanuts.


I’m sorry to say, that, yes, they no longer carry my wasabi peanuts! WT flying F!!!!! I mean for realz, for really realz! Is their some boycott on wasabi peanuts! DANGSKY! UGH. I’m officially in a wasabi depression….

I guess I live.

On to more exciting stuff! A KICK ASS WORKOUT! I decided to do a lil hardcore mixup. Everyone needs to change their routine up, right?!?

How often do you add a lil kick in your workout? I think it is essential and I can tell this is really going to make a difference!

Here’s the dirty lowdown…for time people! As fast as you can, obviousley the elliptical is always 5 minutes, aside from that, KICK ASS!

5 harcore minutes on the elliptical

50 pushups…ummm, very modified, but still goin

50 up/downs…squat thrusts…modified at times, sometimes changed to jump squats, whatever I could do to keep moving in the same direction.

50 leg sweepers, thats, laying on a bench with a weighted barbell held aboe and raising legs to hit the bar. WOrks abs. Had to modify after first round to reverse crunches on bench.

50 kettlebell/dumbell squat overhead press thingy. You get the picture…squat and then press above head. 15lbs..

Repeat this whole series 3 times. Took  me 40 minutes. 15 minutes went obviousley to elliptical, regardless, the rest kicked of it kicked my ass. Considering my first go around at this, i am pleased! I finished it off by cooling down for another 30 minutes on the elliptical. Sheezzzz.

So now we get to the tofu/acorn squash part…

I wanted tofu, so I had tofu. I made up a box of Fantastic Foods tofu scramble. Directions are super easy, all you need is extra firm tofu, but you know I wouldn’t stand for just that. I had to my lil add ins.

Tofu roundup!

 Fantastic Foods tofu scramble, extra firm todu, onion and spinach. The acorn squash was made seperatly. I also added half od this jalapeno to my scramble since I had it lying around…why not, right?

The more, the merrier...

I added the onion and jalapeno to a pan sprayed with cooking spray.

sizzle, sizzle

While that was gettin its saute’ on, I crumbled my tofu (pressed dry) and added in the tofu scramble seasoning packet.

Tofu scramble...mix well.

 Next, I added in my spinach with the onion/jalapeno mix.

Some greens.

THen add in the scramble!

It's scramblin!

 I served this (to myself) with a baked acorn squash. I halved, sprayed with cooking spray and seasoned, thenbaked on 375 degrees until tender ( you can stick a fork in it).

Scramble and squash!

THis was very enjoyable!!! I will definately make again. SOrry I kept you in suspense for so long! Ok, Ok, now I’ve just got one more day to catch you up on! WAHOO!!!!


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