Dead Something~Take II

Hello all! Well, I’m back at my office today, I don’t know why…

Dead something, Take II!

Yes, apparantly it still wreaks of decaying flesh in our office. I however, haven’t taken these puppies out since I got here, so I haven’t smelled it. The unfortunate side is, I’m breathing this crap in my mouth! I’m not sure which is worse. They have a cubicle in the other building I can use, so I may be running for my life trotting my happy ass over there shortly. WTH. THis is unacceptable.

So, yesterday when I got home, it was so stinkin pretty out, I decided to set me up a lil diddy and work from my backyard.

We should work like this everyday!

I got a lil work done out here, but then it got too hot, so I took it inside. I was actually able to get ALOT of work done! I had a very productive “work from home” day. I was also able to squeeze in a full Body Pump, compliments of muah, upstairs and then did 45 minutes on the elliptical later in the evening. Me likey days like that!

I was flipping through my newest Rachel Ray mag and came across a recipe I wanted to try. It (originally) only had 5 ingredients, but you know me, I can’t follow a recipe without adding in some of my own hot mess, hot pocket, heathen twists. Originally it was sea scallops with sauteed asparagus, cherry tomatoes, onion, baby spinach and EVOO (my inner Rach coming out)…well, here is what all I used.

A Hot Mess twist.

That would be…baby spinach, asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, onion and bay scallops. All I had was bay scallops and I didn’t feel like forking over $15-$20 for sea scallops for something I’m just experimenting with. I’m chincy like that.

First I sliced the asparagus on an angle, cuz I like my food perdy, hehe, quartered my sprouts, chopped my broccoli and sliced my onion and added them to my trusty wok. I had to use a wok due to all of the extras I added. I sprayed it with cooking spray and added just a teensy bit of EVOO and minced garlic.

See, it's perdy.

I let this saute’ for a bit until the veggies were tender, then added in the halved cherry tomatoes.

Now it's really getting colorful!

Then I added my bay scallops. But first, I patted them dry with a paper towel.

Lotsa lil scallops

I toss this around for a bit then added in my spinach.

Almost done!

I left the heat on for a couple more minutes, then turned it off and covered until the spinach was wilted. Obviousley I seasoned with salt and pepper (push it real good, hehehehe). But I feel like that’s a no brainer.

I matched this up with a toasted whole wheat english muffin with melted provolone.

All done!

I have to say, I was pretty pleased. Even if I did jack the recipe all up.

Are you a recipe follower or do you just do your own thing??? 

I definately do my own thing. I love to experiment, if you haven’t noticed. Some people are too nervous to stray from the recipe. I say go for it! Make it your own! Make the kitch a fun place!

Okay peeps, I’ma get back to working on my massive pile of work and trying not to vomit from this smell. Hope you all have a wonderful, non stinky day!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. peanutbutterfingers
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 15:45:40

    LOL awesome first picture! great way to make me smile first thing in the morning. i’m sorry about the stanky smell though!


  2. Learning to be Less
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 02:41:39

    I heart Rachel Ray crap. Her food is healthy and something I would actually eat. In fact this weekend I was going to make a sheppard’s pie (hello St. Patty’s Day!) that started as one of hers and I morphed it into my own creation. I always start with the ingredients in a recipe and half way through, toss it out and do my own thing. It usually involves adding way more veggies.

    I even created my own trail mix recipe as a way to eat more dried mango. I have a sickness!

    And girl….if you crave chicken and turkey…you should totally eat it. I am now craving fruit and eating it like 4 times a day. I used to hate fruit (I am a veggie). I am assuming it is my body saying I need it. It is lean protein. Oh…it is also delicious and goes in TONS of recipes. My best bud is a vegetarian so I am used to vegetarian recipes and altering them that way but I would think that would be hard to do with sea food all the time.


  3. Sanya
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 06:05:11

    This looks yummy! Just looking at it makes me hungry, although I’ve just had breakfast :-).
    I also like experimenting with recipes, and sometimes just take whatever happens to be in the fridge and create a new dish – it’s fun.


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