Super Lazy Sunday

I know this going to make me sound like a complete weenie…but I was sore yesterday from my whopping 1.5 mile run on Saturday. Like I said, I’m not a runner, I’m an ellipticaler. hehe. So that (being sore cuz I’ma weenie) plus it just being Sunday made me think it was a perfect day to not do a damn thing. It’s the Sabbath after all, right?

So that sums up my SUnday. Nada. Nothin. Zilch. I did manage to watch some red carpet and some of the Academy Awards, but I didn’t make it through the entire show. I love Awards Season but I was a tired girl last night. Wow, what a day of doing nothing can do to you.

Did any of you watch? THoughts? Fave dresses? Not so fave dresses?

I did manage to try out a new breakfast. I made French toast! Or tried to. I’ma french toast virgin, well, not now, but I was up until yesterday. I had never made it before.

I mixed some almond mile, egg whites, pumpkin pie seasoning, cinnamon and a lili splenda and got to it. It turned out pretty, but it was just ok.

Joli ( think that's French for Pretty)

I took French in high school, but that is about the extent of my French vocab.

Din din was a treat! Pizza Hut! It was the hubs idea.


He gets pizza sometimes, but I usually don’t. I musta had a wild hair up my ass cuz I went all nutty and decided to order half of it my way! Crazy!

Half Sicilian somethin or nother and half (mine) mushrooms, black olives and jalapenos!

Half his/half mine

Although half was mine, he technically ended up eating most of mine too. That’s good, cuz I had no business eating half of a pizza.

Well, I’m so super excited to learn that Denille has a bloggy. I’m so easily entertained.

Don’t forget to support me in reaching my goal by making your donations to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Ab Crunch Challenge!!!


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