Exciting News…But Salad Again…

It’s Thursday! The weekend is almost here! Can I get a AMEN?!? My hubs birthday is tamale, but I think we are actually going to do something on Saturday night. Prolly just dinner, there aren’t any movies out that I really care to see. I do want to see Alice In Wonderland, but I’m not so sure how he feels about that.

Me likey a mad hatter, specially when it's Johnny Depp!

Well, my green monster experiment turned out quite nicely. As I previously blogged, I took my monster out to thaw overnight  in the fridge. I did actually take it out of the fridge for about an hour, becasue I was afraid it wouldn’t be completely thawed by morning. But here is the masterpeice I awoke to on Wednesday…well, actually I worked out first, then grabbed this bad boy outa the fridge.


ANd it tasted scrumptious!

Get your green on!

 Yes, this pic was taken in my car, but now worries. I was stopped in a parking lot on the freeway due to an accident. Aww, what a way to start the morning.

 I was feeling a little better yesterday, not as icky as the day before, but I wasn’t very hungry. Guess it was from that huge monster I consumed. But I did have a lil snacky snack.


I admit, I have a weakness for the string cheese. I’m not a huge fan of the lowfat kind, I like the full on, 100% real deal. I don’t know what it is, I just love them.

Lunch was a salad I prepared the night before. Looks familiar, right?

With about 1000 squirts of dressing.

MAybe not 1000, but I did use alot. this salad was basically just like last nights. Topped with blackened tilapia.


I also snacked on another of my weaknesses…OLIVES.

More of my issues.

What are your food weaknesses? Mine are definately olives, pickles, string cheese and CHOCOLATE!

Oh, and some grapes too.

Snack time.

Later in the afternoon I ended up getting a VERY exciting email. Well, it was exciting to me. I will be sharing more about this next week. So stay tuned! I can’t wait!

When I got home I changed clothes and headed upstairs for cardio round #2! 30 minutes on 20 resistance. THen triceps and biceps (which I tried to kill myself on), then back on the elliptical for 15 minutes. All of this = sweaty mess. Ok, I’ve been way more sweaty, but it was actually warm in there today.

I wasn’t feeling real creative when it came to cooking, so I went with old faithful…SALAD! ooohh, awwwww.

I put some edemame on to boil first, ummm, because, I gotta have my edemame. DUH!

My lil soybeans.

 While that was doing it’s thang, I snacked on a few snap peas with ranch.

I could eat this whole bag...luckily, I just had a few.

 When all was said and done, here is what it looked like.


I put some Frank’s Red Hot on top too. It was perdy good. I also had some Menage a’ Trois..head out of gutter please.

My fave red.

So, there goes another school night I cheated on. Come on, a girls gotta have a lil fun, right? i don’t drink much red wine, but this is a really good one. Atleast I think so.  It was yummy, and it snuck up on me. hehe. I was in the bed by 9:30pm. I needed it though. I was out like a light!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicci@NiftyEats
    Mar 04, 2010 @ 16:56:51

    My bestie bought me that wine for my birthday. I’m loving it…maybe a llil too much after work. lol My weakness is cheese and chocolate.


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