Hip Hip Hooray!

It’s humpday! Yay! Halfway thru the week…and guess what…I stuck to commitmentof getting up and doing cardio!The wine on school nights, well, not so much. lol I was up at 5:45 this morning and hopped on my elliptical in my PJ’s. Aww, the joy of having my very own elliptical. You can workout naked if you want!

I’ve got a bit of catching up to do today. Lets start with yesterday’s breakfast. It was chock full of nutrients. SO healthy…NOT.


Yes, that would be a Claussen (my obsession) pickle half and a coffee with creamer and splenda. I wasn’t feelin very hungry. Actually felt quite crappy yesterday. I hate days like that. I don’t have them often, but it was one of those bloated, icky, gross, ugly days. Eeeew. Hate that.

Kinda like this lil guy.

Does anyone else ever have those days? Thank goodness I don’t have them often.

Lunch was a little better.

A lil better lunch menu.

A cup of chedder broccoli soup with crack salsa and leftover blackened salmon from the in-laws.

Fish again.

I started craving a Coke Zero in the afternoon, and luckily, we have a Coke machine that has them. I had my body pump music blaring on my computer all day so I could learn some new tracks while working. I like to listen to the music alot, it really helps me when learning new ones.

Coke Zero and Body Pump and Work.

I guess that makes me a auditory learner. I would also consider myself a kinesthetic learner. I guess I’m a mix.

What type of learner are you? Visual, auditory or kinesthetic?

Wow, I’m getting deep today. hehe.

After work I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a million unnecessary few things. I was wanting salad for dindin and needed to make a trip through the produce department. When I went to check out the machine started spitting out coupons like crazy!

That's free money yall!

I think there were 18 in all. I usually only get a couple. I was muy happy. I really love coupons, but don’t love the clipping process. Hints the massive stack I have awaiting to be snipped.

Snip, snip, snip

I always have this sense of accomplishment when I’m able to get some really good deals while using them. I just hate the process. I have some friends who are those major coupon nazi’s. They can go in and get like $100 worth of groceries and leave with the store paying them a $1! lolol. True. It’s fascinating.

Any coupon clippers out there? What’s your strategy? Are you an accordian file kinda couponer or a mega super duper serious binder, baseball card holder, etc. couponer?

That's some serious stuff right there.


Anywho. When I got home I promptly took my green monster out of the freezer to start the thawing process. I know you all are just dying to see how this turns out. lol. I stuck his green booty in the fridge. Right next to all my other crap.

I'ma start thawin now. K?

I headed upstairs to get my workout on, even though, I really did not feel like it. Ugh. I did it. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical at 20 resistance, jumped off, did a new Pump chest track (that kicked my ass, thank you) and then a new lunge track. Hopped back on the elliptical and went another 15 minutes slowly coming down on my resistance the entire time.

LIke I said earlier, I was in the mood for some greenage. But first, I stuck a bag of my survival goods in the microwave.


Ok, ok, everyone knows I love edemame. So there. My salad was humongo! It basically had everything that wasn’t nailed down in it.

One huge ass salad.

This salad had romaine, cukes, green zucchini, yellow squash, edemame, broccoli, onion, tomato, black bean salsa, celery, lowfat mozza and leftover blackened tilapia. It was heavenly.

I sat down and tried to watch TV, but was too busy playin on the internets, so I finally decided to go catch some zzzzz’s. I had to get up 30 minutes early this morning anyway, right? Right! And, also, I’m happy to report, I’m outa my funk today. I’m back to feeling pretty.



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